Hmmm.... today is Sunday. I spent it in my room, so naturally I got to
thinking, and ended up writing selfish crap. Geeze.

No Title

I stay in my room all day
The window grills filter light that's grey
Afternoon showers refuse to come
The dark clouds hover without a wind
The air is musty, humid, still and thin

I wake up this morning as expected
And bid you good morning with mute respect
Then I lock my door
You turn your back
And we carry on as before
And I stay in my room all day

Beyond my window
A basketball court's width
My view is blocked by a stretch of flats
Identical to mine in every way
Green clipped paint and white cement
Black glass windows with grills and drawn curtains
Shadows hovering within
As usual the peek-a-boo game applies
I don't see you
If you don't see me

I blast the radio till my head pounds
The DJ's jokes is making loneliness pounce
In my room I feel so sick
I try to smile at Economics
The lecture notes seem so thick
Until my eyeballs burn and my skull feels thick
So my mind wanders off to some nameless creek

This is my room, a cage, a nest
Two steps from the door to my bed
One step across you hit the wardrobe
One more step to reach the desk
One step right to reach the book shelf
One step left to reach the electronic fan
I look around for self-expression
My desk is covered with doodles and words
The walls stare blankly back so I give in

I live in a tiny little box
And my mind shrinks a little each day
I look out at more boxes outside
And I stay in my room all day