Glass Drops

Her tears felt like glass drops
Dropped, than splattered into wetness
So clear and pure
And vulnerable and sweet
And all at the same time, sad

Her face stays concealed
The tremors under my hand tells me her pain
Her shoulders are shaking
She had always made sure they were straight
Now she is hunched
Hiding her face
And those glass drops keep falling
And she's probably thinking
What a disgrace

My mother is crying
I am comforting
The moment is awkward and short
Wordless I let my hand fall
I feel helpless
And guilty
And shameful
How selfish we children are at times
To think that our mothers are not human
Those glass drops glisten in mid air
My mother is breaking

My father watches television
There is a silence in the air I feel like killing
I hate the silence
The unspoken words
I hate myself for not saying them
Then I felt like kicking my dad
So he'll leave the couch and see
Those glass drops are falling

Still I am selfish
A lowly brat who thinks for herself
A parasite
The thought occurs to me
If I lose him
How do I comfort myself?

My mother walks off
Her voice tunes back to normal
Strong, stern, rational
And I sit down and type my thoughts
And think of those glass drops