I fight for no reason,
For a cause not known,
I stand high on the hill,
With rifle in may hand,
How I wish I could be home.

But that is not possible,
For I live to fight,
Or that is what my father said,
I don't believe it's true,
I don't believe it's right.

I don't think you should have to kill,
To solve all your harms,
But I still carry a rifle at hand,
A knife strapped to my leg,
I ready for the alarm.

I await the day my mother cries,
And my sister weeps her tears,
My father shall just stand there,
Hand in hand,
And bid goodbye to all our years.

For I know one day my death shall come,
And I'll greet it with no fear,
For what's the point in fearing something,
When you have no choice,
As you know it just draws near.

I hate the way they pronounce the news,
Mother opens the door to one of my friends,
I can imagine all their faces,
All he does carry,
Is a letter explaining my bitter end.

I'm sorry mother, sister, father,
But this is what I'm to do,
I must run into battle,
For it's what I live for,
Isn't that true?

My end shall come soon, on wide open wings,
And the last thing I shall see before I close my eyes,
Are all of your faces,
Is all of your love,
Surrounding my now ended life.

By Siobhan
Date: 28/Febuary/2004