A young woman sits at the porch in the front yard. She breathes the refreshing breeze of the evening.

A small evergreen tree creates a canopy over the white letterbox that stands on its short post. She thinks of the times the letterbox had been vandalised and fixed in the past with a distant anger. Nearby is the sudden of of a crooked fence where the hinge of a fence should be. A gateway makes driving in and out an ease.

large flies buzz around in their annoying but characteristic way. The pigeons sit on the telephone wires above the street until they get frightened by the occasional car. Pedestrians walk by, ignorant of the young woman.

The parrots fly swiftly by squawking like mad. The recently mowed grass dry like weeds and the dried up flowers wait for the next season.

The woman feels a sense of satisfaction as she walks back into the house. It is the end of another hot summer day.


Author's note:

I know this is short but I hope you like it. Either way, please review!