I know why you cry
When sit alone in your room at night,
And I know why you hate
Being friends with people hurt and drowning.
It's so hard to just live
And turn a blind eye to the suffering
Of a universe awake
Or internal war that mutilates.
You can't look away,
You can't make the suffering end,
All you can do is cry,
Because sometimes people have to
Help themselves.
I'm sorry I can't take your place,
Let your tears be mine instead.
I wish I was you so I could
Let my heart die for yours.

It's so hard to live
When you have to feel;
It's so hard to live
When you cannot heal;
Because empathy
Makes you wanna kill yourself,
And since sympathy
Is like a thousand daggers
Stabbing through your heart.

You think you're fucked-up
Because you cry and can't help anyone.
But believe me,
I know you're no screwed-up failure.
Sometimes people are people.
Someday, you'll understand why
It's so hard to help
The ones you love,
And so hard to heal
From all their pain.
It's so hard to live
When you have an open heart
That loves to love.
I wish I could take away your pain
And heal you, but I can't.

We are the same.
You want to save others,
And I want to save you.
You're no fucked-up freak,
You're just human.
Believe me when I tell you
Some people live because of
People like you.