At night,
I sit on the back porch step,
Just staring at the stars.
I hear sounds.
Howling sounds,
Creaking sounds,
Drip, drip sounds.
I look around,
I don't see a thing,
But I still hear the sounds.
I look up at the sky,
I see a light hovering above the clouds.
I start to freak out a bit.
What's that light?
An airplane?
A jet?
A bright star?
The moon?
The sun?
It can't be what I think it is?
No, it can't be.
There's no such thing.
I see four more lights appear.
The lights seem to move closer to me.
The light keeps moving closer and closer,
Until I saw what it was.
It was. it was.
An airplane!
I was freaked out for nothing!