Prologue by writerforever

For many years wolves have roamed the land and they still continue to roam the land. But they are slowly fading away. More and more wolves have been killed and are still being killed today. They have become an endangered species.

The killing of wolves all started when someone spread the rumor that wolves were demon possessed (may I point out that wolves are not demon possessed). This rumor grew and grew until finally people began to believe it. The rumor gave them a right to kill wolves simply because they thought they were demon possessed. Wolves were killed and their furs were sold for large amounts of money. Killing wolves became a hobby for many people.

The wolf species slowly began to disappear. Then finally someone proved wolves were not demon possessed and the government placed a law where wolves could not be killed.

Many people believed that wolves were not demon possessed but others still continue to believe it. Today many facilities have been made for the protection of wolves.

Wolves are dangerous animals and they have killed human beings. But research has found that just about all of the people who were killed by wolves were people at parks or campouts. The wolves would come close by and the people would feed the wolves. After awhile the wolves grew used to the people and when the people quit feeding them, the wolves attacked the people and killed them. That is how most of the people have died by wolf attacks.

Wolves today attack livestock and other animals on ranches. The livestock is easier for them to catch of course. People today are still trying to protect wolves from the greed of men and here is a website for a place called "The International Wolf Center" This Center is all about protecting wolves. Here's the website

I am writing this story to kind of show people what wolves have to go through just to live. Wolves do look scary and there's something very frightening about their eyes. Wolves are mean and they do kill but just because they look scary doesn't mean they should be killed. Now if a wolf kills a child or an adult I believe that wolf should be killed. But usually it's the people that put themselves in dangerous and foolish situations where they are attacked by wolves. The wolf is usually just defending itself.