I am soooo sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to this story. I drew a writer's blank on it but I think my inspiration has come back. YAY!!!! LOL.

The Journey of the Wolves By writerforever

They once roamed the forests and mountains freely. But as the years went by the paradise they had once known slowly began to disappear as humans began to move into their habitat. Can one teenaged boy help these endangered animals when there is so much at stake?

Chapter 8

Keno and the black wolf turned and ran. But they could hear the hunters close behind them. The two wolves soon caught up with the rest of the pack. As they rounded a bend suddenly a picture of a cave flashed in Keno's mind. He stopped and told all the wolves to turn left. They all did as he said and to Keno's surprise there was a cave right there!

The wolves ran into the cave before the hunters saw them. Gordon and the band of hunters passed by never knowing where the wolves went. Inside the cave Keno turned to the black wolf, "Are you okay?" he asked. She smiled, "Yes, I'm fine thanks to you." Keno then turned to Malik, "Sir, we must go through the cave because it is the way to the promise land," Keno said. The old wolf leader nodded, "Very well, lead the way my friend."

The wolves journeyed through the cave and Keno led them. It frightened him to be the leader of the pack. As he walked along in front of the pack a young gray wolf came up beside him. "Hello, my name is Lucas. I'm Malik's son and the soon-to-be leader of the pack," the gray wolf said. Keno and Lucas became friends and the two stayed together at all times. Lucas treated Keno like a friend and not a god. The rest of the pack thought Keno was some sort of god or spirit but that was not the case. The Great Spirit had chosen Keno for the special purpose to lead the pack to safety and Keno tried to explain this to the other wolves but their minds were made up that he was a spirit or god. That is, all except Lucas.

As they walked through the cave Keno asked Lucas, "Who is the female black wolf?" "Her name is Shadowstar. She is a very special wolf and they call her Shadowstar because she has a marking on her forehead in the shape of a star. Her mother and father were killed in an avalanche but we all know that Shadowstar has a special power that allows her to do certain things that normal wolves cannot do," Lucas said. "What sort of powers?" Keno asked. "All wolves are special but the Great Spirit blesses wolves who he thinks will appreciate the power he gives them. He chose to bless Shadowstar but the bad thing about being blessed by the Great Spirit is that one day you must die to. . ." Lucas stopped in mid-sentence as Shadowstar walked over to him and Keno.

Keno watched in awe as the black wolf walked over to them, "You two seem to be in a deep conversation. What are you discussing?" Shadowstar asked as she stepped in beside Keno. "Oh it was nothing," Lucas said not wanting Shadowstar to know they had been talking about her.

Trying to change the subject Keno asked, "My Grandfather told me that every wolf pack has an alpha-male and an alpha-female. Who is the alpha-female in this pack?" "My mother the alpha-female but she was shot by a hunter two years ago. My father never mated again," Lucas said sighing.

Suddenly a strange smell went through the air. Keno lifted his nose into the air and sniffed, "What is that smell?" he wondered aloud. Shadowstar lifted her nose to smell, "It smells like a bear!" she said in alarm. At that moment a humungous grizzly bear emerged from the shadows in the cave. It roared loudly and flashed its sharp teeth at the pack of wolves.

To be continued. . .