the fight

you sit there, smiling
though you'd like to shout
you want to scream
there is no doubt

they've angered you even more.
further in
their taunts have bore

you attempt desperately
to restrain your fists
you hold them back,
but your arms insist

in the chin
your knuckles land.
you are hit back
by your foe's right hand

"What is this madness?!"
the teacher shrieks
as your last punch
hit's your enemy's cheek

the two of you
quit your brawl
as you trail the teacher
down the hall

the principal would
decide your fates
your foe: suspended
your fortune awaits

you enter
the most dreaded room
as the principal
reports your doom

suspended, you are
just like your foe.
the fight did nothing
to heal wounds below