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The island of Lana'i isn't exactly paradise, but it's close enough to pass for it in a pinch.

It's situated off the "main" Hawaiian island and is small enough that the majority of tourists never pay it any attention. It is, instead, an open secret among the elite - serviced by private jets and small inter-island planes from Honolulu airport, filled to the brim with the forbidden and exotic as well as the sorts of places upper level businessmen can gather for formal meetings. Everything about it says understated elegance; from the small shops and open air restaurants that serve the two resorts to the customers in business casual. It is not at all a place where one would usually find a man in dark blue cotton pants and an ancient, comfortable brown tank top. Dark, uneven hair shot through with deep red streaks made him look more grunge than Wall Street, and hid the dark amber of his eyes. He moved with the comfortable ease of a man on vacation and not on business and drew his fair share of stares as he walked the uneven streets.

Kai Edwards felt the weight of the stares, but he didn't concern himself with them. As an adopted son of New Orleans, he grew up used to the bizarre, the colorful and the occasional gaping tourist. He didn't have time for businessmen; his father was one, and successful enough that Kai, 23 years old and fresh out of college, could afford a trip to this exclusive island in search of answers. Though he certainly didn't fit in at first glance, Kai's birth made him a child of this island, or at least a grandchild. He had been adopted from Lana'i, and had returned to his birthplace for the first time since he was six weeks old. His adoption was the sort mentioned as an afterthought, not as a definition; he hadn't come in search of his past or family, since he already knew they were safe in New Orleans. He had traveled in search of his present and future, and answers to questions that had plagued him since his early teens.

He adjusted the walkman over his ears and looked across the street at an endless stretch of ocean, colored violet and blue by a spectacular sunset. The island was everything it could possibly be - the two high priced resorts sprawled rather than growing up, leaving an uninterrupted view of the forests that blanketed most of the island and the empty beaches that circled it. The high prices and small size of Lana'i had made it one of the most natural of the Hawaiian islands. Kai had fallen in love with it the moment he arrived.

The sound of clinking glass made him turn and take in what could only be described as a tourist trap in its most expensive form. The building itself was built of deep red brick, with one wall entirely open to the street, but the bricks were hidden behind "natural" bamboo and palm fronds. Tables spilled out onto the wooden walkway. None were inhabited by locals, many of whom were busy on the island's several sprawling inner ranches, but instead were laden with suited businessmen and the occasional khaki-clad tourist with deep pockets. Yet, the scent of the place smelled heavenly, and it afforded a magnificent view of the sun setting into the cool arms of the ocean. Although Kai's hotel had five star room service, the sprawling restaurant appealed to him. He tugged the earphones to link loosely around his neck and made his way to a table under the overhang and separate from the chattering island visitors.

In that moment, Kai saw Nahale for the first time.

In retrospect, Kai would come to realize that he really felt Nahale before he saw him. An unfamiliar warmth settled in his belly - and lower - as he made his way to his table for the evening. It was like stepping into the blazing sun of the French Quarter after hours in air conditioning, the warmth starting in his chest and spreading outward. He looked up to search instinctively for the source of this strange empathy, and immediately his eyes fell on the only island native in the room.

The boy couldn't have been more than nineteen, but he moved with the natural feline grace of a man confident and comfortable in his own skin. Smaller than Kai, he navigated easily through the tight press of customers, furniture, and busboys, dressed in what Kai suspected was meant to look tropical, but looked more like a B-movie merging of ancient Persia and Greece. The thin blue pants were open from thigh to ankle, revealing long, slim dancer's legs in flashes of latte skin. The only other things he wore were a circlet around one upper arm, delicate sandals, and transparent, fluttering strips of cloth that clung and danced as he moved. He looked . . . perfect. Slim, toned, and exotic. Kai's heart sped up, pounding in his ears as his body yearned to reach for the young waiter. His skin prickled in senseless anticipation of a hot, soft mouth and clever fingers.

Kai shivered. He'd never felt such intense desire in his life, even with his gift for sensing others on Bourbon Street. He felt consumed by it. For Kai, lust was something somewhat distant from himself, second after friends and the intellectual realm of college. He'd had several girlfriends in college, but the initial reaction, even the act itself had been nothing like this. Nothing this overwhelming and sudden. He recognized beauty in whatever form it appeared in, but never before had he been so tempted to claim it, to make it a part of himself and mark it so the world would know that this creature was unavailable to anyone else. But then, he'd never been like other people . . . otherwise he wouldn't have been drawn back to Lana'i.

He was so lost in the bizarre sensations twisting through his body that the boy stood beside him before Kai even realized he was coming. He looked just as gorgeous up close, with large, dark eyes lined with a hint of black kohl that made him even more exotic than the other natives. When he spoke, his tone was warm and intimate in a way Kai had certainly never heard from a waiter before. "Hello, sir. Welcome to Lolita's." He smiled, perfect white teeth flashing against his warm brown skin.

Kai felt himself smiling back as the scent of cinnamon spices seemed to float around him. The lazy feeling in his belly electrified, coursing outward and making him want to grab the lithe body standing so close to his own. He closed his eyes for a moment, bewildered. "Hi," he managed, along with a smile in return. "Thank you."

"Anything I can get for you?" The boy leaned forward, lowering his voice in a way that said a great deal more than a simple hello. Kai knew when he was being flirted with - he had to be, given his looks and life in New Orleans - and this boy was flirting well.

"I'm not all that hungry." That much was true. It had been more the ambience of the place than any desire for food that had drawn Kai in, "but I could use a little something. Any recommendations? I'll eat anything except . . . well. Octopus."

The boy laughed. "Most people like the shrimp cocktail. And it doesn't feel like it's alive and about to wriggle out of your mouth like octopus."

"Sounds good. And what do you like?" Kai grinned. "My theory is that if the people working at the place are willing to eat a dish, then it must be the best."

The look the boy gave him, those dark eyes sweeping over Kai, left little to the imagination about just what he liked. All he said aloud, though, was, "I like the mozzarella sticks." Then he winked. "And wine." A pink tongue flashed out, darting across the boy's perfect mouth. "We have an excellent white wine."

"Mozzarella sticks, the seafood special, and a white wine, then." Kai ignored the little voice in the back of his brain whispering about how much better the wine would be licked off that magnificent brown skin.

The boy grinned and grabbed at a small notebook connected to his waist by a slim silver chain. Then he reached into the hem of his ridiculously nonexistent pants and pulled free a small silver and blue pen, scribbling down Kai's order. "I'll make sure you get the best, sir," he purred, looking up from under dark lashes. His eyes were truly gorgeous, so dark that in the low light of the setting sun they looked more black than brown.

"Thank you."

The waiter started to turn away, but seemed to think better of it and turned back. "Feel free to call me if you need anything. I'm Nahale." One long fingered hand settled on his bare chest in a gesture of identification. Kai managed to keep himself from staring at the crisp definition of muscles under skin.

"Thanks. I will."

Nahale grinned and turned, flitting off into the crowded restaurant with ease and grace.

The hours slid by without Kai being fully aware of them. Throughout the night, he bought several light drinks and a couple of desserts, all of which were brought to him by Nahale. Each time, the boy stayed for an instant longer than absolutely necessary, and since Kai's eyes followed him everywhere, he saw that that wasn't the norm. Usually, Nahale all but tossed the orders down in the rush to get to his other customers. Despite the size of the restaurant and the outrageous prices it demanded, the small staff kept everyone busy. Kai supposed on some level that he read more into the situation-just because he had been bowled over by this new, sudden intimacy didn't mean Nahale felt it, too. Judging by the way the kid moved, he knew he was gorgeous, and proudly showed it off. But still . . .

He did seem to come to Kai's table a lot.

"You've been here for hours, sir. My boss's starting to think something's up."

Kai jumped as warm breath and the now familiar low voice murmured beside his ear. He looked up from his revery to find the object of his attentions leaning over the table, palms flat to the expensive cloth. "Oh." He blinked stupidly. It always took Kai a moment to leave his thoughts behind for reality, something he'd always found plenty irritating.

Nahale smiled. "Is there?"

"Is there...?"

"Something up." The smile spread and Nahale leaned closer, the scent of cinnamon and spices flitting through the air around Kai.

"Something...oh. No. I mean...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause any trouble."

"Oh." Nahale tilted his head to the side, giving off the definite impression that he was...pouting. "And here I thought you were watching me."

Kai felt an almost shy smile steal across his face. "I was."

Nahale matched it, though his managed to be both suggestive and innocent at the same time. "Good."

"But I didn't mean to make your boss upset," Kai added honestly. The last thing he wanted was to get this arresting creature into any sort of trouble. He didn't want Nahale angry at him before he had a chance to figure out what had bound them so suddenly.

Nahale, however, didn't seem the least bit concerned about being in trouble. Instead, he leaned forward until he was well in what Kai would have considered his personal space three hours earlier, and whispered, "I get off in half an hour. Let me bring you a special dessert? Keep you busy until then?"

"All right." Kai felt something flutter in his stomach. Ordering his body to stop acting like a damsel in a 40s romance, he smiled back into Nahale's dark eyes. "Thanks."

It took only a few minutes for Nahale to drop a plate piled with rich, dark chocolate cake, cherries, and a pool of deep red sauce. It had to have enough of everything bad in it to clog his arteries for a lifetime. Not that he cared, because Nahale winked as he set it down and murmured, "I'll see you in twenty-five minutes," before disappearing back into the crowd.

"I'm ready."

Kai jumped. Nahale's voice had come from behind him, and he'd been so lost in thought the sound had startled him. He heard the boy's low chuckle as he turned, and it overlaid and calmed the nervousness that had arisen at the surprise. Given his strange . . . "gifts," Kai wasn't at all used to being surprised. He always knew when others were nearby, when something might happen . . .

"Hi." Kai's eyes raked automatically over Nahale's body. Out of his uniform, Nahale didn't seem particularly concerned about being any more covered then he was in it. His jeans were ancient, soft, and worn, and he wore no shirt, just a deep blue vest. "I'm Kai Edwards, by the way."

Nahale's head tilted to the side again, a move that was already becoming familiar. "Oh? And here I thought you'd still have me calling you 'sir.'" A low tease thrummed under his voice.

"Well," Kai said, trying to sound as haughty as some of his father's coworkers, "if you want to, I won't object."

Nahale grinned, then held out a hand. "You owe me $76."


"For wine. Drinks. Cheese sticks. Seafood. This is a tourist trap. Everything's expensive."

"Oh. I hadn't even thought..." Kai held out a wad of money and Nahale twisted away, darting into the backroom and returning in a flash.

"Your change," he said cheerfully, and dropped twenty two cents into Kai's outstretched hand. "I took care of my tip."

"Thanks." Dryly. "I can buy a stick of gum."

"Isn't that twenty-five cents?" Nahale smiled charmingly up at him, then threaded his arm through Kai's elbow. "Come on. You can walk me home." The boy seemed totally at ease flirting, touching, and taking home a complete stranger - while Kai was still flushed and confused about his body's reactions to someone he'd only met hours before.

Some part of Kai's brain willingly overlooked his confusion, however, so he managed not to sound like a complete idiot. "Sure," he said evenly, "I'd love to get a native's point of view of the island." Nahale smiled, his distracting lips curving deliciously as he tugged Kai out onto the uneven road. "You were born here, weren't you?"

"Mmhmm." Kai noticed idly that they were heading down to the beaches, apparently heading in a random, and very deserted, direction. "I've always been here. But you haven't." Nahale glanced up a moment, but his matter of fact voice didn't alter at all. "I've never met anyone who belongs here but grew up elsewhere."

"Belongs here?" What a random comment. But then, Kai had been born on the island, and he certainly looked as though he belonged there. "I grew up in New Orleans." He stopped a moment. "I hate tourists. I can't believe I am one." Kai couldn't help a bit of a grin at that. Tourists were a fact of life on the French Quarter, but they had always grated on Kai's nerves; staring at the natives, whining about the heat, taking all the seats at the Americana Café. At least he wasn't wearing one of those "I Survived Bourbon Street on Bourbon" t-shirts...

Nahale laughed low in his throat as they stepped off the main road onto the sand. "People who are coming home aren't tourists," he said mysteriously. "You were born here, weren't you?"

"I think so. I'm adopted . . . the agency told my parents that my birth mother was born on this island, but my father wasn't." This whole day had been surreal, but this even more so. Kai was a private person-only a few people knew about his adoption, because he didn't see why people should need to know. He couldn't remember a time in his life where he had just up and poured his history out to a young stranger. But then, he'd never been around anyone like Nahale before. His mind and body seemed completely attuned to the boy - every molecule of skin or clothing that he touched seemed electrified. "I guess that's why I'm lighter skinned than most of the people around here. Anyway." Kai cleared his throat and shook a foot lightly to get the sand out of his shoes as they stepped off the boardwalk and onto the beach. "So, I thought this would be a good place to start looking."

Nahale chuckled. "I knew you were born here as soon as I saw you in the restaurant. In fact . . . " he spun and walked backwards for a few steps, grinning winningly at Kai, "I can narrow your birth mother to about six families."

Kai stopped, mouth open. Nahale stopped too, watching him with interest and something close to a knowing smirk on his pretty mouth. "...'Scuse me?"

"There aren't many families left that pass on the Gift." Nahale's voice lowered as he spoke, his dark eyes steady on Kai's face. He seemed suddenly older, more serious. And even more exotic, like one of the mystics who hid on the outskirts of old New Orleans and could sometimes be seen on the Quarter watching the world go by.

"The Gift? Families left? You sound like you're from a mob family . . . all this 'family' and 'gift' talk."

Nahale moved a bit closer, twisting his ankles to knock the sand from his sandals with practiced ease. His hand brushed against Kai's now, warm and weirdly familiar. "Then you don't know about your Gift?"

"What gift?" Kai felt completely lost, and Nahale seemed to think he should know, magically, what in the world he was talking about. "That's why I'm confused!"

Almost predictably, Nahale answered not with information, but with a question. "Why," his companion asked, looking up coyly, "were you watching me tonight, Kai Edwards?"

Kai's eyes widened at that. Why had he been watching Nahale? There had been a bizarre sort of magnetism from the first moment. Even with his special abilities, as his mother had always called them, he had never felt connected to someone, though he could very nearly sense what they were feeling. He didn't know how to answer. "I...don't know. You're beautiful..." he hedged, but the boy didn't back down.

Nahale's chuckle was low and throaty, perilously close, in Kai's opinion, to a purr. No human should be able to make such a sound. "There are beautiful men all over the island."

" Oh . . . are there? I hadn't noticed." And he hadn't. Not really. He'd been too centered on his mission, on finding out why other people's emotions sometimes intruded on his own.

Nahale stepped closer still, little puffs of sand rising from his sandals to settle on Kai's comfortable old tennis shoes. His small brown hands settled on Kai's arms. "You're avoiding the question. Why are you here, now? With me?"

Looking at his companion, Kai imagined that a great many people of both genders wanted to be with him most of the time. He'd probably been fed more than his share of lines, especially given that ridiculous, if sinfully delicious, costume he'd worn at the restaurant. "I . . . " Kai swallowed. Nahale's hands were tracing up his arms, warm against his skin, "I'm with you now because I don't know anyone on the island. And . . . you were fun to talk to." That was good. It sounded perfectly normal.

The hands linked behind Kai's neck, and Nahale was just almost touching him all the way down. The heat from his body stroked Kai's skin. "Is that all?" the boy asked, smiling warmly. "Or is there more? Something...indefinable?"


"Something you've always had, but never known how to acknowledge?"

Kai stared at him. He felt as if he was hearing a mirror. "You too?" he asked, voice low and strangely rough. "When . . . I saw you. I felt - I . . . don't know." He heard himself rambling, trying to get his thoughts together. "I've always been able to sense people. I've been good with them. But with you it's . . ." Kai felt his face warm embarrassingly, "more."

Nahale's smile spread a bit, and his eyes crinkled at the corners. "That's what your Gift is. An innate knowledge of those around you. You can feel it all the time. I can feel it through touch. It's very rare." Sometime in the course of his little speech, Nahale closed that final distance between them, standing intimately close against Kai.

"I've never known anyone else like me," Kai said quietly. His hands lifted on their own and hooked at the small of the boy's back.

"That's because they're aren't many of us." The fingers of Nahale's left hand were twining in the hair at the base of Kai's skull. "In fact, now that you're here...we're all on this island."

"Why so few?" Kai's thumb tucked into the back of Nahale's pants, stroking lightly at the skin.

The boy shrugged, shoulders moving against Kai's chest. "It's not always passed on."


"People like us, who can sense others emotions . . . sometimes their thoughts and motivations . . . our gifts aren't something we want to broadcast."

Remembering his own attempts to keep his abilities a secret from everyone but his parents, Kai nodded. "I understand that part. People would freak."

"Mmhmm. So that's why you came here? You didn't know about it?" One slim eyebrow arched questioningly, "I thought you were watching me because you knew our gifts were compatible."

"Compatible?" Kai murmured, but it wasn't really a question. He tilted his head back, gazing upward. Surreal. Comfortable. Hard, if you asked one particular part of his body. The sky shone overhead with brilliant stars. "Pleiades is really bright," he murmured.

"All the constellations are bright here. The government keeps it that way for the high class tourists." Nahale's breath gusted warm against Kai's jaw.

Kai laughed despite himself. "They just flick a switch and the stars brighten up?"

"Something like that." A kiss, feather light, touched Kai's jaw. Then straight little teeth nipped at the same spot, tongue flickering to ease the sting. Kai looked down, smiling. Suddenly, the information he'd gained proved enough for one day. Nahale, warm, very close, and....apparently aroused, proved far more interesting. "I think I prefer you with the grungy look," he said, conversationally.

"Oh? Most people like the overdone Mysterious Island Air." A pink tongue darted out, barely brushing Kai's bottom lip this time.

"Yeah, I'm weird like that." Kai dared to lean in closer, lips brushing his companion's. "You're more real this way."

"This is a lot more comfortable." The warm mouth opened and Kai took the invitation, accepting Nahale's tongue and sucking it happily into his mouth as the boy moaned warmly, sending vibrations straight to Kai's belly. Their groins pressed together, and Kai could feel the hardening length as Nahale thrust lightly into him, his arms wrapped firmly around Kai's neck.


"Hmm? The boy pushed up on his toes, thrusting against Kai as he nibbled at the taller man's ear, tongue twining sensuously.

Kai wasn't sure what he wanted to say, though his body certainly knew exactly what it wanted to do. "The sand's scratchy," he managed, feeling like an idiot.

A low chuckle sounded by his ear, husky and soft. "The bed on my porch isn't," Nahale murmured warmly.

"The sand's closer."

"Not by much!" Nahale pulled away, grabbing Kai's hand and tugging hard. "Come on."

They couldn't have been more than a hundred feet from the small house that Kai assumed to be Nahale's. A tiny worn-out house, painted a well-chipped blue, with a screened in porch and at least one broken window covered with cardboard. He didn't have much time to look, because his companion wasted no time in tugging him through the rattling screen door. The ocean was visible through the screen around the porch, the sunset staining everything in the little house violet and blue. "One second," he said, crossing the room to a chest by the wall. Kai couldn't help watching - a wonderful rip tore the cloth right across the bottom of Nahale's behind, making it obvious the boy wore nothing underneath. When Nahale leaned over to pull out a thick blanket, the view only got better. Kai could feel his mouth water at the sight. "This is so bizarre," Kai murmured, more to himself than his companion.

"No, it's not." Nahale dropped the blanket on what Kier realized was a bed tucked in the corner. "My parents met this way."

Kai drew closer, hands settling on Nahale's small waist and jerking him forward so that they were once again pressed together from chest to groin. "I have so many questions," he said, surprised by the husky quality to his own voice. "About Gifts and parents and everything else. But right now," he nibbled at the tempting arch of his companion's ear, "Right now, amazingly enough, I don't care." Kai couldn't remember a time in his life when anything had taken precedence over his innate curiosity. But then, he'd never met anyone like Nahale.

"Good." Nahale's hips rolled against him, soft, old jeans rubbing against Kai as warm hands slid under his shirt. His mouth sought and found Kai's, nimble tongue slipping into Kai's mouth and exploring with fine attention to detail.

Kai had never felt such an urgency to have someone before, but everything Nahale did made him harder still. He nipped at the full lower lip, and Nahale moaned his appreciation, nails painting light patterns down his back. Warm, pliable, and more than willing, the boy pushed back, writhing and moaning into Kai's mouth as he pushed Kai's shirt up. "Off!" he managed when they broke for air, mouth swollen and eyes nearly black.

Kai released him long enough to strip off his shirt and Nahale's vest before gripping the boy close again, one hand sliding in the back of the ratty jeans and gripping a firm curve. Nahale's hands stroked up his chest, nails teasing at hard nipples as his mouth followed suit. The boy certainly knew how to use his body - straight teeth worried at the nub before his hot tongue soothed it, lapping teasingly. Kai shuddered.

"We're overdressed," Nahale purred. Kai murmured agreement, drinking in the sight of slim muscles under warm brown skin. The boy smiled and took a single step back - all it took for him to be sitting on the edge of the bed. His hands slid to Kai's hips, pulling him forward so the agile fingers could get to work on the drawstring of Kai's pants. He dipped a hand inside, closing around Kai's ready erection in a light stroke. "Oh. Yum."

The sound Kai managed was somewhere between a squeak and a groan, but wholly encouraging. His hips moved into it, head falling back as Nahale tightened his grip. "And hot." The boy let go and shifted, settling on the bed on his knees, eyes trailing up Kai's chest hungrily.

"We're still overdressed," Kai offered.

"Mmhmm." Sharp teeth bit lightly into Kai's nipple, then Nahale licked an apology as he pushed Kai's pants and briefs down so he could step out of him. In one fluid motion, Kai slid onto the bed and caught Nahale in his arms, pulling the boy on top of him, a hot, ready weight. "Hello," the boy purred.

Kai smiled, hands tracing up Nahale's sides to his chest. "I think your voice is the sexiest sound I've ever heard," he murmured. Nahale shifted atop him as Kai rubbed a dusky nipple with firm pressure. The moan was even more delicious than his words.

The boy wriggled delightedly until he was on his elbows, tongue sliding again into Kai's mouth, sweeping to taste everything he could reach. The material of the jeans rubbed rough against Kai's bare skin as Nahale released his mouth and slid down, eyes heavy lidded, to nibble and suck at the enticing arch of Kai's throat. His hands burrowed under Kai and he rolled so they were both on their sides, one long leg pressed between Kai's. His nails ran lightly down Kai's back and Kai shuddered hard, thrusting hard against his companion. Kai's back had always been incredibly sensitive. "Pants," he moaned as the rough denim ground against him, "off!"

Nahale laughed softly, wriggling up to kiss him. "What an impatient lover."

"I'd like to avoid rugburn to a part of my body you might find use for." It took moments to tug the jeans off, though Kai found to his surprise that there was, indeed, something underneath. Though it appeared to be little more than a scrap of silk. "These don't cover much."

"They don't show under my uniform." Nahale kicked them off too, ending up on his back and pulling Kai down on top of him with a knowing smile. He arched, spreading his legs on either side of Kai submissively. "I forgot to get the oil from the chest."


"By the wall." Nahale nibbled distractingly at Kai's ear and he couldn't think enough to really follow what the boy was thinking.

"Oh. Yes. Come'ere, chest." Kai licked at a particularly enticing dimple in Nahale's shoulder. The chest, predictably enough, chose not to obey. "I always wanted telekinetic power," he mumbled, licking up for a kiss. "A lot easier."

"You might," Nahale thrust liquidly against him, "in a few years."

Kai blinked and lifted his head for a moment, curiosity restored. "Really?"

Nahale didn't seem put out by the change, but simply lifted a hand to stroke along Kai's jaw. "Really."

"You're joking."

"My grandmother was telekinetic."

Kai took a moment to process this information, then pushed up, leaning forward over Nahale's head to reach into the chest Nahale had retrieved the blanket from earlier. The bed squeaked a low protest and Nahale swiped his tongue across Kai's hip. Kai's hand had just closed around a thick tube when Nahale bit into the small of his back and his nerves went crazy, precum dripping onto the blanket. His lower back had always been incredibly sensitive - he was never sure from moment to moment if the odd quirk counted as a blessing or a curse. At the moment, he definitely found it a blessing.

"Having trouble?"

"N-no," Kai managed, but he didn't move.

Little licks and nibbles were a counterpoint to Nahale's hand, sliding under him, weighing and measuring Kai's erection. "Oh, yes," he purred happily. "Perfect." The long, slim fingers closed around him and stroked, thumb flicking over the tip. "Kai."


"This isn't going to work with you in that position, love."

Kai shuddered. Nahale huffed a laugh and let go of him, the bed shifting with his weight as he laid back against the pillows. The loss of warmth was enough to get Kai in motion, turning on the now tangled sheets. His companion watched him from beneath dark lashes, a little smile playing on his lips as if he knew just how gorgeous he looked then, legs apart, back against the long, fat pillows. He reached out and tugged Kai beside him, pressing against him, one long leg sliding between the taller man's.

"Umm," Kai said between kisses and nibbles as he traced the warm neck with his tongue, "I've never been with a man before. I'm sure some things are different?" Nahale was younger than him, but every movement he made spoke of sensuality and experience. Kai felt a contradictory flash of intense jealousy and relief that Nahale would know what to do so he wouldn't get hurt.

"Mmhmm." Nahale arched against him. "More prep time." He flashed that smile again and grabbed Kai's hand. Plucking the tube from Kai's other hand, Nahale dribbled some of the lotion on Kai's fingers, rubbing it in a bit with deft movements. "Now." He leaned back again, planting his feet and lifting his hips, erection arching over his stomach with the movement. A teasing glint shone beneath the lust clouding his eyes. "Start with one finger."

Kai could swear his own shaft twitched at the mere sight. With a hand steadier than it probably should be, Kai traced a finger from the thick head of Nahale's ready erection to the slim base, then slid lower. His mind opened automatically, the extra sense he shouldn't be able to have tuning in as he shyly let his fingertip slide in, gripped by the tight ring of muscle. He wanted to know if his lover felt too much pain. Nothing that tight could possibly...

"Oh." Nahale relaxed with a slow breath of air, and Kai's finger suddenly slid in deeper. "Yeessssss."

Kai's eyes widened and he strained, trying to sense if the boy was in any pain. A sensation of stretching danced at the edge of his consciousness, but he had no time to study it as Nahale purred for another. "More . . ."

Kai slid out and in, not adding a second. "Are you sure?" He didn't have enough faith in his innate Gift not to question what he was sensing.

Nahale smiled, one hand lifting to trace lazily over Kai's chest. His hair hung in his eyes, accenting the deep chocolate brown and long black lashes. "Yes." He pushed back, encouraging, as Kai carefully wriggled in a second. There was discomfort now, across Kai's mind, but Nahale didn't seem to even notice, though it came from him. "Bend them a little. Move around. Look for--" Nahale gasped. Kai had followed instructions and was pleased to find he'd done it well - his middle finger barely brushed against something slick and spongy at once. "Another!" Nahale demanded, white teeth biting into his already swollen bottom lip.

Kai watched him, leaning in to lick at the tempting line of his throat. His body seemed to know just what to do, now, fingers scissoring and stretching, occasionally brushing again to make Nahale gasp and push back in search of more. He didn't know how much he could take - just watching Nahale had him harder than anything he'd done before. Pulling his hand free over the boy's whimper of protest, Kai slicked more oil on his hand and slid back in, adding a third.

The hiss of air between Nahale's teeth almost made Kai stop, but Nahale would have none of it, shoving back as Kai tried to pull free. His hand tangled in Kai's hair, pulling him down for another of those endless, deep kisses. "Now on you," the boy encouraged, his other hand sliding down to wrap around Kai and stroke. Kai moaned, managing to squeeze some over himself before tossing the tube restlessly by the pillows. Nahale's clever hand stroked along him, spreading the oil and warming it.

"How do you want me?" Nahale asked as he pulled Kier on top of him, nibbling at his neck.

Oh, how to answer that question. Any way possible, came to mind first, but that might be a bit much for the first time. Some logical portion of Kai's brain pointed out to the rest that he had thought "first" time, which implied a lot when he was scheduled to leave the island in three days, but the major part of his brain, which was much more interested in what his hormones had to say, ignored it. "Saying my name when you come," Kai murmured, voice low and rough with his own unexpected lust.

Light laughter brushed across his mouth as long legs wrapped around Kai's waist. "I think that can be arranged." The hand wrapped around his erection urged him to the welcome of the boy's body.

"What can I say, I'm an egotist. At least I know my . . . faults . . . oh." Kai couldn't finish. He was pressing against that lithe body, and the muscle stretched over Nahale's hiss of pain. It was nothing Kai had ever felt before. So tight it almost hurt, and Nahale's hand had released him to grip hard at his arm. "So tight . . . "

Nahale panted and Kai tried to stop moving, sensing the burning pain of it, but the boy would have none, tightening his legs, forcing Kai to keep sliding slowly into the slick heat of his body. "Yes. Oh . . . you're bigger than I thought." He wriggled, and suddenly the resistance seemed to give way. Kai slid in faster than he meant to, and Nahale buried his little shout against Kai's shoulder. "Yes-more-bigger but it's so good-" he whimpered, hands clinging. His pleasure whispered across Kai's mind and drove him deeper still.

He stopped when his balls were nestled against Nahale's skin, his shaft gripped tight and hot in the boy's body. It took every force of will he had not to pin Nahale down and start moving-but he didn't, freezing in place, panting into the boy's mouth. It was too much, but not enough. Kai's body screamed for more. "Wow," he gasped, not caring how inane he sounded.

"Yeah." Nahale rolled his hips, a whining sound rising in his chest. "It doesn't hurt like I thought it would." Kai started to lift his head, questioning. He'd assumed Nahale would know how much to expect. The boy licked Kai's shoulder, distracting him. "More."

Kai started to move, slow slides inside that sparked along his nerves and across his mind. Nahale's hand scrambled for purchase, grasping at Kai's shoulders as his head fell back, pressing into the pillows. "Yesss," he hissed again. Hazy brown eyes sharpened on Kai's face. "My mate," he growled possessively, and shoved back, skin slapping against Kai's groin.

Kai groaned, an animal sound in his chest he wouldn't have thought himself capable of. Yes. His mate. Nahale was his. His Gift had latched on to a stranger in a bar, pulling them together, pulling him into Nahale's body. He shifted on his knees, gaining more purchase. The sound of the waves outside rolled over him as he started to move, hips thrusting faster, pushing deeper.


"It's too-I can't-" Kai reached down, scrabbling blindly until he could close his hand around Nahale's erection, stroking hard along the length of hard, burning flesh. "Shit-!"

Nahale all but screamed. "My - uhn - Kai!"

Kai thrust harder, the bed squeaking a protest, the sound of Nahale's low moans and their skin slamming together on each deep plunge overwhelming the rush of waves and gulls around them. "Nahale-"

"Oh-Come in me. Come in me, please-!" Nahale bucked, writhing against Kai, eyes hazy and dark with lust. "Let me feel you come-"

Kai shifted, and Nahale shouted in his ear, arching. Kai didn't move, trying to stroke across that one spot, adoring the sound of the boy's pleading in his ear, lost in the grip of heat and silk. "N-Nahale."

"Please! Now!" Shoving, writhing, no longer the sensual creature seducing Kai, Nahale was completely lost in the physical sensation. Kai could sense it, and wondered briefly if this complete loss on conscious thought in the onslaught of physical sensation formed a part of Nahale's Gift.



Kai shoved in deep, clutching Nahale to him as he climaxed with a growl. White light burst for a moment behind his eyes as his seed pumped into the boy's eager body with tiny, humping thrusts of Kai's hips. Nahale moaned and writhed, clutching at him. "Kai!"

Without thinking, Kai's hand tightened, pumping faster. "Come for me, Nahale-"

Nahale's whole body jerked and he cried out, hands sliding on sweat slicked skin as he spasmed. Kai moaned as the boy tightened and convulsed around his oversensitive cock, hot liquid splashing against the plane of his stomach. Kai's teeth bit lightly at Nahale's shoulder to keep him from crying out at the stimulation.

He barely managed not to collapse on the smaller man, pulling free with a groan from Nahale and falling to the side, panting. The bed was only a single, too small to shift away - Nahale turned and curled against him, pressing his lips over Kai's heart. "Mine," he murmured again. "My Kai."

It was true. The part of his self Kai had never understood confirmed that he did belong to Nahale, and vice versa. This strange relationship had veered completely out of his control, and Kai had never liked being out of control. "Nahale?" he ventured as his sated body informed him that the time had come for sleep.

"Mmmhmm?" A hot little tongue darted over Kai's shoulder, tasting.

"You gunna explain this... Gift and connection thing to me in greater detail tomorrow?" Kai's hand stroked up and down the graceful curve of Nahale's spine and the boy snuggled closer still.


"Good." Kai's arm tightened around his lover, heavy and content.

"Don' worry. I'll have years and years," Nahale brushed a kiss to his neck, "to explain it to you."

Kai didn't feel any need to question the truth of that. "Sounds good."

Nahale's breathing slowed, weight shifting a bit on the squeaky bed, the waves once again a soothing rumble in their ears when Kai said again, "Nahale?"


"I can't promise not to have a," he broke for a jaw cracking yawn, "break down tomorrow, okay?" He may as well be honest. This wonderful contentment was bound to give way to Kai's incessant curiosity and urge for control...eventually. Right?

"Yep," Nahale yawned. "I'll just sleep 'til it's over."

"Kay." Sleep pressed down on Kai from all sides.

"You're kinda high strung, anyway."

Kai's eyes snapped open. "I am NOT-" he started to protest. But Nahale was fast asleep. "...'M not," he muttered unnecessarily, and pulled the blanket Nahale had fished out of the chest over them. If he expected questions, and his reasons for coming to the island, to keep him awake, he was fated to be sorely disappointed: Kai fell asleep within minutes.

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