I woke from the sound of knocking, I slowly got up and stretched feeling each muscle in my body. I didn't have any ideas of who could be knocking on my door, infact, I lived far from everyone, living in peace. I walked over, down the stairs and to the wooden door, what I found was a military man, dressed with a light blue coat bearing medals, and a hat; which was slightly crooked.

The man spoke in a monotone voice. "John Brailey?"

"Yup, I'm your man, what buisiness would yeh have here at my old home?"

"Hm, you'll do good son. You're being sent to America's finest army school, and drafted for war." My heart had seemed like it stopped.

"War, sir? I wreckon that I'm no man for this."

"Well you must, you're on the list, don't tell me you're willing to drop pride, and dignity, saving your country, to live here?" I hesitated, this unfortunately mustered all the courage in me to say this ludicrous answer.

"Yes, how could I let my country down, no man in the right mind would ever pass this by." I felt like a fool to do this, too bad I didn't think about the word "war" long enough.

"Well come this way then, we're going to camp." He had an extra horse, which had obediently stopped at the trail ahead of my old wooden house, I climbed on, surprised of how it wasn't very hard after all the years. The soldier whistled and my horse was quickly following his, fortunately this wasn't going to be two hours of silence.

"So, where are you're parents?"

"Dead, sir.." I replied un-comfortably.

"Oh, sorry kid.. Just wonderin' why you were livin' in a big house like that alone."

"I'm not a kid sir, I'm officially seventeen."

"Oh, alright there, you still young to be livin' alone." I didn't answer, so the conversation and sound of human voices were at none. I listened quietly to the animal life and steps of the horse, slowly drifting into bumpy sleep.

I was awaken by loud noises and direct commands, I slowly opened my momentarily weakened eyes.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"This is your official camp sonny." I rolled my eyes with attitude, and got off my horse.

"Over there, second to last, that's where you're headed." I nodded and walked over there, looking at the teen agers like myself, and the old standing with perfect proportion. I made it and was greeted by captain John Fredricson, the eyes of the troops looked upon me.

"Hello there soldier, go to that shack over there, you see? And get suited up." His fingers pointed to a barely held up shack which was quite large, I entered and walked until I saw my fitted size, I randomly took a suit and took off my clothes, until I noticed someone in the corner of my eyes. It was a teen aged girl, like myself, she stood there in shock, then I noticed why: I was standing there with only my shorts, I quickly put my pants on as she turned around covering her mouth.

"I-I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have looked in here."

"It's fine with me, you can come again if you want." I said with a big grin. Her mouth gaped open in disturbed shock.

"Why you are so rude, I hope that not all of these honorable men are like yourself, good day!" She stomped away.

I laughed quietly and left the shack, dressed in the dark blue suit and light blue pants, then I was walking off to the end row and end of the line.

"Hey man, what was Carry so worked up about?" A soldier asked me.

"Couldn't handle my hansomness." I smiled, but then was immediately looking at the man in front, looking at every man's face.

"Ok, those damned slaves keepers don't have a chance against us, we're winnin' already." He called out to each and everyone of us, his voice felt like it was directed to every soldier personally, I had felt confident also.

"You are all going to be off to battle by next Monday, so you're going to have constant training, we need more and more soldiers in and fast, so good riddens!" He motioned us off and we were sent to a shooting range, a man gave each of us an Enfield. Each one was long, very long, with a knife attached to the top, known as a bayonet. It was my turn to fire, I stood on the worn line, then took aim; looking at through the little circle the red dot in the middle of the target was exactly in the middle of the circle. I pulled the trigger and was jolted back, the gun suddenly pointed almost twelve degrees from where I had aimed, I looked over at the man; his face was surprised, then I looked at the target. I had hit the red dot, I had even surprised my self, the sound of the gun shot was still echoeing, I looked around and caught the eye of the beautiful Carry, she had quickly looked to her side, trying to avoid showing even a pinch of care to me, I smiled widely than looked back.

"Now see that? We have ourselves a talented ass as our "sharpshooter", you better be ready in battle." I laughed hard, then walked to the back, my eye on Carry.

"I think Carry has a thing for you, she was watching you in line the whole time." That same soldier told me.

"Well, my friend, I am simply errisistable to girls." We laughed together, then quickly silenced; to not get in trouble.

We started our day of hard training, the captain started running down the path leading into a misty forest; the other soldiers and myself running after him on a pace. I ran, passing many soldiers and soon making it to the front, the ground was hard from the chilling night, I felt the gentle breeze of the icey air carassing my face, crunches were soon heard as we ran upon frozen leaves. I started to breath a bit quicker, trying to keep a normal breathing speed, slowed, but was still infront of the group, my breath was soon very visible in the air as it warmed. After what seemed as at least four hours we were back, but it hadn't been four hours at all, infact it was only an hour of running, I was surprised but quickly recovered as we were commanded to being push-ups, sit ups, and all sorts. These were all easy, I pushed up, then let myself lower, then up, I wasn't challenged at all, then we switched for sit ups, all was too easy.

After the full four hours of excercise we were excused for a day of rest, my one friend caught up to me before I left.

"Hey man, nice day of trainin' there, aye?" He asked.

"Yes, indeed."

"I never caught your name, mine's Tom Shep."

"John Bailey, reporting for duty sir." I joked, he let off a laugh and we parted, I saw Carry's eye upon me and a stood waiting for her beautiful face to meet up with me.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you again." I laughed lightly, she then rolled her eyes.

"It is quite nice to meet a man of sheer passion, and rude behavior."

"Oh my, my, we must've had a bad start, my name's John." She looked at me and smiled as though I had made a joke.

"John? Isn't that a name for a serious gentleman? My name is Carry."

"Well, for you information my dear Carry, John can be anyone's name, for all I know you could be a she-he, but you there isn't a possible way such a face as yours could be such a disgrace." She smiled, this time not as if I was saying something rediculous.

"I suppose so.. Are you comming to the Ball? It's being held in the city center, I'd be pleased to see you show your gentleman skills there." She smiled graciously and gave me a white card. I looked up at her.

"It would be my pleasure." She then walked off at the sight of her group of goergous friends, I quietly laughed before walking with the rest of the men. I made it to my assigned cabin, the number was "268", I was greeted, and surprised, with the great aroma of warm foods and soup. Actually, every man was, it seemed that the army chefs made every man a dinner, and what a great dinner it was.

I was suddenly disturbed from making sure I was well dressed by a loud knock on the door, I was greeted by a man who looked like a carriage driver; he was, I looked up to see Carry, she wore a white dress which was so bright no man couldn't miss her. The man cleared his throat. "Miss Carry Henderson would like you to join her at the Ball of Lights. She would be glad if you accept."

"Of course I do."

"Then would you kindly come with me?" He started to move to the carraige where he got to his driver seat and mentioned to me to quickly get on, I sat across of Carry, looking outside.

"So, why are you here?" I asked.

"Well, I didn't know any other man to bring."

"Heh.. Sure, sure." I smiled, looking at her, seeing that she did, infact, cared about me more than I had anticipated. I felt a odd feeling, my heart felt as though it was being squeezed, I noticed that I had feelings for this woman also, it was like cupid has shot an arrow that pierced all armor, all clothing, everything, nothing could stop this invincible arrow as it plunged my heart, I felt gloriously happy, excited; I guess, I knew she liked me.

"Well John, don't flatter yourself by your comments, if I knew a better man you would be left in that cabin of yours."

"That is if you found a better man." I said questioningly. She smirked, then looked away at the darkened road, I did the same. After a few minutes the driver anounced: "We've made it to the Ball." I got out, then took Carry's hand, helping her down the carriage steps.

The building was enormous, light had made the building brightest white. I escorted Carry to the building doors, where two gaurds; wearing the same outfit as myself, stood, they asked for my invitation only, I was puzzled only for a minute, quickly forgetting about it.

Tom ran over to me, a few of his soldier lads with him.

"Hey John! Looks like you took our lovely Carry with you, but that's quite unfortunate also.. Ben, you see up there, on the second floor?"


"He is madly in love with Carry, and by now, I know he noticed you with her." He said to me, making sure Carry did not hear as she talked to her friends also.

"What is he going to do about it?" I asked challenging Tom's information.

"Alot, you better watch your back mate." He warned me, and then left with his friends to find dancing partners. Iw as suddenly greeted by a hand.

"Hello John." One of Carry's friends said, I took her hand and kissed it welcomingly.

"Hello.. What may I ask, is your name?" The group of Carry's friends giggled, except for herself.

"Isebella Lockhart, I hear much of you from Carry, I must say, she has grown quite fancy of you." She laughed, and I saw Carry's bright redish, pink, blush.

"What reason is there to blush my lady?" I asked.

"What? I'm not blushing!" She protested.

"Dances are starting! Everyone, get your partner and get ready for our first dance!" A man yelled out, his voice somehow overpowering the voiced of the many other people in the large building. I slowly put my hands on Carry's hips and she seemed to be shy at this point, then she put her hands upon my shoulders, where we began to take steps, slowly, then at a quick, but slow pace. I looked into her eyes, my heart slowly pounding quicker. She was already looking into my eyes as we danced, her eyes were bright blue, I was soon consumed by her eyes, like if they were two beautiful blue lakes. We had soon moved closer to each other, as we slowly turned cirlcular, I noticed someone atop watching us, I looked and met the eyes of Ben, he looked incredibly mad with jelousy, I looked back into her eyes though, not carring about this prick named Ben. Soon, we had stopped dancing, this part was over, I went over to the bar, which was included here also, and only ordered water, so my breath wouldn't smell like an alchoholics.

Another round of dance was called, only about ten minutes after the first one; this looked like a big night ahead of me. Carry was walking to me, but Ben soon cut her off, asking for a dance, she had surely said yes since they walked off, I still had sight of them, but I didn't have much care, it was just a simple dance. The lovely music started to play, loud, and clear, Tom came beside me.

"No one to dance with?"

"Nah, just let Carry dance with Benjamin."

"Aye." Isebella was soon walking towards us, and looked at us both.

"I'd love to dance with ye two, but one is already a handful, come on Tom." She winked at me, then Tom got up to have a pleasureful dance. I noticed a bit of rustling in the corner of my eye, and saw Ben looking at Carry with a bit of anger, then he started to shake her and she screamed, I had immediately ran into the crowd and tackled Ben. He grabbed onto my collar and elbowed my back, he grabbed my suit then kneed me in the gut, I was stunned for a few seconds, then hooked my hands behind his knees and charger forward my arms pulling back, he slammed hard into the ground. I kneeled on him, punching at his cheek bone, forehead, and nose, there were scrapes, then cuts, then a gash on his forehead. I was suddenly pulled off, he charged for me but was grabbed by the collar, by one of the soldiers, I tried to get back to the mauling but was held forcebly by my comrads.

"Calm down mate, it isn't worth it, just calm it." I heard Tom saying to me, I felt as I was in my own world, cutting out other sounds, focussing only on beating Ben, my knuckled were bleeding, but I noticed Ben slowly faint from the vicous hits on his forehead. I slowly calmed to see Carry safe, brushing her dress off, the men slowly let me go, I held back all actions of just crashing into the group and beating the un conscious Ben. I walked away, my heart sending the odd sensation of anger pulsing through my body, the feeling that you get when you are so very angry at.. Whoever it is, your father, mother, friend, the feeling that reminds you of all the hatred; that feeling was throughout my body, and for what? Because of this stranger, hurting someone I cared for so much, even though this fight had lasted only minutes, I was angry. Carry had quickly came to me.

"John, are you ok?" She asked.

"I'm sorry.. I have to leave." I left a very light kiss on her cheek and walked through the doors of the building, I was greeted by a storm of rain but I felt to monstrous to stay, I endured the rain pouring on me and walked for my cabin, which was quite the ways away.

Rain was pouring onto my suit rapidly, all I could hear was the sound of "tap, tap, tap" , I looked at the windows of buildings; brightened with light, in time, I found my cabin number 268, I entered, it was warm. I left my wet coat close to the fire place, on a rack so it would dry by tomorrow, I left my pants also, and got into my white sleeping pants, I dropped onto my bed, thinking about the Ball, or what should've been a Ball. In time, I had fallen asleep, so dreary.