The Red Ash Road

By Esay


It stands alone wrapped in timelessness. The shroud, the road of illusion which gives way to the light of the world. Encircled within that swirling cloud of red mist, paved with ashes of the past, it calls forever in a delicate waltz for those who have lost their way. Leading these lost souls to meaning, or perhaps false hope, it is the road to nowhere, and then it is the road of longing and last chance.

Some called it the Red Ash Road, the path walked by the lost. Paved by their hope, and their despair, it glows softly with an eerie redness as white ashes fall like snow, scattering gently about the foggy mist, fading away like dreams. It alone cries out to the desperate pleas of their hearts, and offers them its path. Then out of rage, or perhaps love, even fear, they willingly walk its winding trail. All are lost, and most have forgotten who they were, but with the last of their effort, and of their heart, they find their way for truth, or perhaps to finally be done with it all.

The blessing, or curse, to be taken by the mist lies within the heart of the person. In the end honesty is dangerous, for it offers neither love nor hope, only what is. The ashes which scatter as they walk the path, pave each their own road. The hopeless cry of their hearts searching for meaning brings it close to them, so close for some that the red path glows before there feet swallowing them in thick haze. What will they find there at the end of the winding path, hope or emptiness? In the last hour it is both their greatest fear and last chance. What will be found at the end of the red ash road?

It is here where Robert's story begins and ends. Lost and falling into hopelessness, the road of ash and past is calling to him. In his own heart he is torn, between the love he has lost and the life he has come to hate. What meaning will he find, what hope is waiting for him? The answer lies in his heart at the end of the road where only truth is found.