You piss me off, Belinda. Do you know why you piss me off? Because you're always there. To enjoy our successes, to bring me through my downs. You're always right there to pick me back up again.

And that is why you piss me off.

Because we never fight, our choices always match. We never clash. It's such a happy friendship, that's what it is. You never let me down. You give up your time to improve myself. Try to make me better. It pisses me off that everyone likes you. You're so friendly. You never bad-mouth people, you keep all secrets.

You're so smart.

The teachers love you. You get good marks. Never below average. You always do your homework, you never get detention. You're so smart.

You're so pretty.

Everyone adores you. You adore everyone. Guys chase you, but not too much. People marvel at you. People comment on your hair. You always have things to talk about. You amuse us. You're entertaining.

It pisses me off, because I know I can never ever live up to you. I could never be as good as you, you'll always be a few steps ahead of me. There's no use competing against you, Belinda, and everyone knows that.

You're only imperfection, is that you have no imperfection.

And that is what pisses me off.