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…"Riding on a comet's tail
She tumbled into life

She reaches up
For a handful of light
Touches it to earth to warn the night
The voices on the wind
Celestial sound
Whispering heaven's here and now

The moon, the tide
The sea of endless sky
She dances with a universe in play
She lights the dark
She knows she is a spark
Even in this new world she feels safe
In the arms of the Milky Way…"

~Laura Powers


It was pretty late.  Around 2:30 or so; as a soft, light wind blew outside.  I shivered; feeling a rush whiz by me through the partially opened window on the far left of the front room.  It was pretty cold outside; but I wanted some ventilation- as fresh air was always welcomed into a home. 

It was nearing the end of winter- and we were happy.  Soon it would be Spring; and soon- with all the lovely weather that had been taking place; we'd be able to walk around without jackets.  Even at night!

I loved this season.  Spring was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold.  And hey, if you got depressed- you could always take a walk in the park, and smell the freshly awakened, bed of flowers.  Many had mentioned that spring signified the 'Season of Love'.  I didn't know what to make of that.

Love was something I had never truly thought about.  Something that had never even entered my mind.  I had never had anyone in my life; so it was just an element that I had shoved aside for so many years.  I was a wandering ghost, and nothing more.

Love did not matter to me.

That is, until now.

But, I'll get back to that one later.  First, I should tell you who I am.  To many, I am only energy.  I am a link to keeping a great fortress living; and to provide a protective shelter for all that wish to rest up a little.  Those that wish to escape the outside world could come in to my work, so to speak- and hang out for as long as they wished.

In a way I was a Hostess; but in actuality- I was an Actress.  Actually, this entire fortress is made up of actors and actresses alike.  We work for one reason:  To keep said barricade working properly.  Without us, it would just wither away, and eventually shut down.  Forever.

You see, we were not always apart of this job.  This was once inhabited by a long-dark spirit; she eventually leaving her home, and returning to the man that she had fallen in love with so long ago. 

We were glad to see her be with the one she had wanted since day one; but this left us with what was left- her shell.  Her home.  A living body that once harbored her very essence, and soul.  Our purpose?  Simple.  To put our acting skills to the test, so those that knew and loved her would not be saddened about her leaving.

In fact, most did not even know. That is how well we did our job.  And for all that we put into it; and all we had to go through- I'd say that we were holding up rather well.  Or so, I always thought.  I didn't know anyone else's feelings- but I was confident that we'd fulfill our duties with success.

But, throughout this job- came so much more.  Many had fallen in love with others that are like them; and taken off to start their own eternities.  Myself?  I had decided to stick around.  I had made a promise; and I intended to keep it.

Especially to her. 

That's right; I do not work alone.  There is another.  A great friend of mine.  One of my greatest.

You see, I had once been apart of the living myself:  Known in every realm, as a Celestial Queen.  Queen Valentina.  That was all I ever wanted.  I didn't wish to be called 'your highness;' or anything fancy like that.  I didn't think of myself as anything special. In my eyes, we were all equal.  I was one of the 'common' people.

My kingdom resided in the Heaven's; set right by a sparkling, cobalt blue ocean.  I lovingly named it Avalon- after the legendary paradise that was said to be held back in the days of King Arthur's Court.

It was gorgeous.  During the day, rays of gold shined down; giving off a pleasant sparkle to the waters; and a rainbow aura of colors onto the land.  And at night; silver accents from the moon lulled my people to sleep; the healing winds of the sea gracing their dreams with splendor, and beauty.  Everything was perfect. 

And every night, I would throw dances, and parties- inviting everyone I knew and loved; and even some that did not grow fond of me to the banquets; opening up my crystal palace to everyone that needed a shelter to rest in.

To this day, I realize that inviting those that hated me- was a mistake. 

During one of my end of summer parties; I was mortally wounded.  Stabbed ten times in the chest with a white gold sword.  I guess one of my so-called 'friends' had wanted to end my time as Queen; and wanted to take my beloved kingdom for themselves.  That night, they had gotten what they wanted.

My mortal life had came to a close that night; but my eternal life had just begun.  For so long, I was placed in a deep slumber- never to be awakened again.  The higher powers, I guess, did not want me to wake up, to realize what had gone on.  What had been the ending result of that final night's mutiny.

But, somehow, I was awakened.  By her.  The same girl that I had grown to be friends with; and the same girl that had suddenly sparked my interest.  Had I fallen in love?  I wasn't sure.  But, I knew this- I liked her.  I liked her a lot.  To a point where I couldn't smile, and truly mean it- until she was in the room with me.

She had thought that she had 'created' me as an energy from the shell that we now lived in; but in fact, she had somehow tapped into the Fate's powers; and released me from my eternal sleep; sending me spiraling back into the world in which I had been absent from for over three-hundred years.

To this day, I took it as a sign.

I made sure everything was locked up, before heading up the stairs.  Ugh.  I was exhausted.  We had worked a long day today; and I was on the verge of passing out.  Literally.  But first, I longed to see her.  Just to make sure she was doing ok.

My friend had been having a rough night; being told some rather dark things by a fellow spirit in which she had just met.  Perhaps he was only joking; and doing said things in playfulness; but it still bugged me. 

I mean, she had for so long been my light; even though most had always considered her to be dark; and she was my first friend in so long.  She helped me to adjust; and I in return swore to keep her safe.  And I intended to keep that promise.

I made my way up to the bedroom door. 


I hope she's feeling better.  And I hope she hadn't gotten into the knives again.  She was known for inflicting her pain onto herself- which I hated with a passion.  She knew I didn't approve of cutting; and she was always sure to avoid the topic with me.

Ok, so no signs of movement.  That means she must be asleep.  Good.  Now to see the mess she made from all of this.

I lightly opened the dark, wooden door- a slight creak being heard, as it was slowly placed to my right- myself entering, and lightly rubbing my hands along my bare arms.  Damn, it's cold.  Ok, fan, off you go.

I hit the little 'off' button to the tiny, brown fan on the burrow to the right; feeling the chilling air cease; and making my way over towards her.  I felt my face fault.  Beer bottles.  Ok, so she had gotten into the alcohol again.

That was her solution to getting her spirit hurt:  drinking beer. 

It's not that she was addicted; but she just liked to drink away her sorrows in a six pack; eventually passing out, and sleeping off the day with a hangover.  Another thing I did not like seeing her do.  Why?  Because I was so scarred that she would try and do something to herself while she was drunk; as in that state- you cannot control your actions.  The liquor itself controls you.

I tossed the bottles aside; hearing a light sigh from the waterbed against the wall- slight movement being sensed; as a trace of crimson could be seen on the pillow.  Blood.  I knew she had hid a blade from me. I knew it.

I let out a sigh- taking her slashed right wrist into my hands.

'Why do you do this, Monica?'

I closed my eyes, lightly caressing the deep gash- ceasing the blood that was gushing through her nightgown; letting a soft, blue aura find her- healing the inflicted wound; and sending her into an even deeper sleep.  I found myself doing this a lot.

Granted, she was a spirit; and already dead- I didn't want my friend in pain like that.  I was like that with all of my friends.  But, especially to her.  She was so beautiful.  Anyone would kill to have her.

Yes, folks; even me.  I admit it.  I do have a bit of a thing for her.  Though, I'm terribly shy.  I had never had anyone, remember; and I didn't know how she felt about me in return.

Monica had always told me I was her light; that I was the only one that understood her; and yet, she did not know my real name.  She simply referred to me as 'Sweetie' or 'Dear.'  I did not choose to say who I was to her yet; as because I didn't want to scare her away.

Not so much that I'm a bad spirit; but because she had probably never met a Queen before. 

Of course, I was nothing now.  A deceased Celestial Queen; in which had probably been long-forgotten by my kingdom now.  Or so, what was left of my kingdom.

When the mutiny had been started; my followers were all killed- hung, burned, and tortured in many, sick and cruel ways, that not even the blackest of hearts could imagine. 

So, even if my kingdom was still standing, (though I had had my doubts,) I was still wary about telling her.  I will someday; when I'm ready; and when the time is right.  Right now, I need to comfort her.

God, she was gorgeous.  Most would find her as being evil; for her black hair, and black onyx eyes fooled anyone who took a first glance at her; but alas, to me- she was an angel.  My own angel.  My angel in the night.

Locks of black fell upon the pillow, as I stole a stroke through the silken strands- Monica sighing lightly, as I did this. 

Her hair wasn't as long as my own; almost reaching her neck; as it was cut in a fluffy; though tomboyish fashion.  Most girls would find it butch; but I found it cute.  Adorable, really.

Her complexion threw everybody off.  To where I was tanned; Monica held an icy shade of blue to her skin- a light tint of lavender being seen within it.  Some wondered if they were to touch her- that they would end up freezing on the spot.

To them, I simply called them idiots.  I had held her many times; and not once had I shivered.  In fact, I had done just the opposite- felt a warmth, and light inside my soul that I had not since my days of being alive, and mortal.

Ok, so I'd better get to bed.  Monica won't care if I borrow her brush.  I had done it so many times before.

I took the green hairbrush into my hands; running it down my locks of crimson red.  Many had loved my hair; as it flowed down to almost my mid-back; and had held a slight highlight of ice blue- almost matching my powder blue eyes.

Myself? I thought nothing of it.

Hmm.  I think I'll stay here tonight.  I know she's pretty upset; and she'll probably need some support when she wakes up tomorrow.  I'll do that.  I mean, this isn't the first time I've snuggled with her- so why not?  I love being a good friend to those I loved.

I paled.

Did I say that out loud?

Turning down the blankets; I adjusted the heat to the bed- turning it to about 65 or so- spinning the little white dial; and kicking off my white heels.  I'd get them later.  I stepped inside- feeling the silken material of my black gown brush up against the silken sheets- pulling the blankets back over my form; and turning towards my friend.

My beautiful friend.

I sighed.

'Monica,' I thought, lightly stroking her hair, 'If only I could tell you'

Maybe someday I'll let everything out.  I mean, I wouldn't mind someday being with her.  She was so nice.  So many had hurt her- especially this one guy.  But I swore I'd never do that.  I'd never bring pain to the one that had saved my soul; and brought me back to awakening.

My arms tightened around her; bringing her closer, as she seemed to almost smile in the moonlight- soft, soothing music serenading us from the stereo to my left.  I knew I had done a good thing tonight; though, I would be talking to her about the cutting tomorrow.  As I always did when she resorted to said things.

I felt my eyes start to droop; as I as well let a smile come to me. 

So much had happened in so many years; but through the hard times; something- a sign from above maybe- had brought us to meeting one another; and our job keeping us together.

She was my best friend; and I in return was her protector.  Her light, as she had always called me.  But what she did not know is- she was that of my own, and so much more.

I secretly was glad I had been killed- though, losing my kingdom was heartbreaking.  But throughout all of that, I had grown to meet her.  The one that had given me a second chance; and the one that had saved me from myself.

My angel in the night.

I admit it, finally. 

I was in love; and I always; always will be.

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