Love is a fact of life

And bluntly, so is Hate.

If you watch them closely,

You'll see that Hate's Love late.

Black is where White isn't

Light is where Dark was

And if you'll listen closely,

I'll tell you the cause.

The cause is that we're human.

The cause is that we're blind.

The cause is that we aren't.

The cause is hard to find.

The reason is: I love you.

The reason is: You don't.

The reason is: You hate yourself

And can't beleive I won't.

I love you 'cause you're lovely.

I love you 'cause you're real

I love you caouse you're there for me

And always help me heal.

I need you 'cause I'm lonely.

I need you 'cause I'm human.

I need you 'cause you're more like you

Than any other human.

Dif you disagree with me

Well that's alright, I'll live

I'm confidant in what I feel

And what I have to give.

That's why Love hates Hate.

That's why Hate loves Love.

That's why Dark and Light are lovers,

And that's why War's a dove.

I love you 'cause I need you.

I love you 'cause you're real.

I love you 'cause I love you,

And I know what I feel.

{A/N: Hm... Haven't written bad poetry in a while. ^*^;;; I forgot how much fun it was to annoy people with it.}