Look at my arms bleed, behold these slashes,

I was once a silver bird then fell into your clutches

Now I am but grey and crimson; and you hold me in a cage,

And I am the sole victim of your endless hate and rage.

These red ripples on a cream river, are not self-inflicted,

These crimson tears are not in my soul wanted.

Why did you do this to me? I still remember,

Unblemished happiness and sunny weather.

Why take it all away from me? Lurking in the shadows,

I try to lick my wounds, but it only increases my sorrows,

For this is poison to my soul, because my blood is bitter,

And my skin sour. Where is the ancient shine, the glitter?

I'm enchained, and I am tortured, but I will not surrender,

You have killed upon the fields of innocence tender.

You will pay; no matter what I must sacrifice I will have revenge,

So now come, with my bleeding soul you I challenge.

AN: The last thing I'll upload in a good while, hope you enjoy. Reviews always welcome :D.