"Psychological Autopsy"
The truth is outstanding,
It passes you by at five hundred words per minute.
And do you really comprehend,
The hand that schemes and plots the end,
Only to forget when you were lost in translation?

Understanding in reds and greens,
With traffic cones and windshield wipers tasting rain,
Illuminating the room that is your train,
Of thought, in thoughts, and lost in translation,
Drowning in a nation without fortitude.

And Mary's eyes scale the walls,
Looking for flaws and imperfections in your mind.
Yelling when you see the line,
Crossing horizontally into a space to live with me,
Escaping through a tunnel trading tunnel vision to go blind.

Running away from the elevators,
Taking you to the forgotten floor,
Reading minds and wetting lips,
And taking all the lives you did before,
It turns out you were lost in translation.

And life that ends from four to six,
It lets you grope, take as you please.
But is it not these simple pleasures we imagine?
Taking what we want, when we want, taking you from me.
That modified complications decide to morph into blue fornicationā€¦

All the while,
Lost in translation.

Crawl spaces entail the lives of World War 24,
With invitations reading from the Necronomicon,
All the money taken away from indigent family,
But I'll keep my promise to save you from the evil ones,
And take you away to the islands safe and sound,
Babe, we have won!

Composing a lucid victory celebration,
Electing leaders to fight the next insurrection.
Even though we live to invade other nations,
We can ignore it to be together, to love each other, to lie,
But don't let dead ends pass you by.

The Godless eyes are the way to the soul,
The gates are open and ready for penetration.
With our fingers interlocked we will take this trip,
A journey through our hearts and conquering a spiritual quest,
We will do our best even if we areā€¦
Lost in translation.