~~ ¤ To the Moon And Stars ¤ ~~

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She sat, her golden head leaning against the side of her aged bedroom window. The window was open, letting the spirit of the town into her home. The faint aroma of freshly baked bread and other treats coming from the bakery, mingled with the smell of fire and ash coming from the blacksmith shop irritated her perfect little nose. Her thin, white fingers stroked her moth-eaten curtains in impatience, as she waited for her brother to come home. He had been gone for a long, long time, on a journey that was tradition in her isolated little town. Alaric was old enough to marry, and in order for him to win his fair lady's heart, he would have to go on a quest. None but the council of the town knew what had to be done in the journey, and for years, Vera, along with her older sister Cynna, watched young men go off on the journey. And always, some men never returned.

                Vera was certain that Alaric would come home. He had to come home and make mother and father proud. It never occurred to her that the majority of the citizens of the town hoped so too, for Alaric was a fine young man indeed. In fact, all of the children of the peasant-like Avelyn and Leod were considered to be the most beautiful children in the town. Fifteen-year-old Cynna was tall, and slender. A river of golden hair on her head. Her eyes were green as the pastures in spring, and she danced with such light feet, that some wondered if she had fairy blood in her. Vera's older brother, Alaric, was twenty, with a tall, slim body, and hair the color of wheat. He was strong, but gentle, smart and spirited, skilled and resourceful. All the maidens in the town admired him, but his heart belonged to Vera's friend, Selya.

                Vera met Selya nearly a year ago. She was out in town, on an errand for her employer, when she bumped into Selya on the street. She learned that day that Selya had just arrived from across the sea, and was looking for a job as a weaver, an occupation Vera had always dreamed of having. When Selya learned of Vera's deep desire to learn to weave, she decided to tutor the young girl, instead of officially becoming a weaver of the town. It was when Vera brought Selya home, did Alaric for the first time; see what true beauty was like.

                The reaction between him and Selya were almost impossible to miss, and Vera was happy for both of them, which was why she waited anxiously for Alaric's return. Selya was out in the meadows at the time, picking flowers that would make good dye. Vera glanced over at her first tapestry. It was still in process, but she was happy that it was turning out better than she had dreamed.

                A couple of young men had already returned from their journey that day, causing Vera to believe that her brother would come soon after. So she continued to lean her head against her open window, breathing the familiar smell of the town through her perfect little nose.

                A sudden 'thud' from behind caused her to take her eyes off the street below. "Oh, sorry," came a gentle voice. Vera at last left her spot by her window and knelt down to pick up the spool of thread that had fallen on the floor.

                "Don't worry about it, Selya," she replied.

                "Shall we continue with your work?" Selya asked.

                "Actually, I was wondering if we could put it off for a while. I am not really in the mood for weaving. What have you gathered?" Selya looked down at her basket full of blue flowers, and laughed merrily.

                "I was gathering blue for your tapestry," she said. "I was hoping it would be done by the time Alaric comes home."

                "He's coming home today," Vera replied. "I can't finish it by then."

                "You know that not everyone comes at the same time," Selya said, a little dismayed. "Alaric might not come back until next week or the week after."

                "I don't understand how you can be so calm about it," Vera replied, feeling slightly bitter at Selya's company. "He's going through that journey for you, and you know it. Why aren't you proud of him?"

                "Because I don't need him to go through a long, perilous, trip through the different lands of this earth to prove his love to me. I would be far more than content without him going on such a journey. What does a journey even prove?" Vera sighed and sat down in a withered old stool. She rested her perfect chin in her white palm and looked at Selya.

                "It proves his love for you," she said. "You haven't seen these traditions as long as I have. They are far more complex than how you think them to be."

                "But you are only a ten year old girl. You may see such events in a different way. And why must one go through danger and evil to prove a love? Isn't it enough to take the chance at all?" Vera always admired the way Selya spoke. She did not speak like one from their town. Her voice was always pleasant to the ear and her thoughts and questions were always more intricate than any others, just like the tapestries she wove.

                "It is not considered good enough in my society," said Vera. "But you are free to think what you want. You do not think like us though. We always need proof for things." Selya removed her lavender cloak, which Vera had carried many times for her. The cloak was as softer than a rabbit's fur, and embroidered on it was a dream of moons and stars. Selya always had the most interesting things. She sat before the loom and stared at the unfinished tapestry, her dark brows wrinkled on her sun-kissed face. Her raven hair fell down her back, shining in the pale sunlight.

                "What did you plan on doing with your tapestry?" she asked. Vera got up from her stool and stood beside her friend. "It looks as though you planned on doing the meadow by the stream, but only half of it is there. Why?"

                "The meadow is where couples are wed. I wanted to add you and Alaric into it. I was planning on giving it to you as a wedding gift." Selya smiled, her honey colored eyes reflecting the light.

                "You are a wonderful girl, Vera," she said. "And a great friend too." Selya's smile vanished, and she left the loom. "If Alaric does come back, send him to my house in the woods by the creek. I will be there waiting for him."

                "Why must you leave?"

                "I need to do something. Don't worry though, Vera. We will work on your tapestry as soon as possible." She patted Vera's head gently before draping her cloak around her shoulders and briskly walking down the stairs and outside into the street.

                Vera walked over to her window and stuck her head out to watch her friend leave, and in the midst of the bland, ordinary crowd, she saw Selya's lavender cloak, sticking out like a yellow daisy in a green field.  


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