A Night of Ebullience

It was our first get away from our town, and we wanted it to be a special and memorable evening. We spent the night at a warm resort. I lay on a hammock, watching the breath taking sunset. Cream lines cascaded the sky with pale pink, purple, blue and golden streaks conjoined. A waft of warm breezy air stroked me gently and I lay back, thinking of how peaceful it was to be away, far away. I felt her presence behind me and she placed her silky hands around my shoulders. I breathed in her scent of body spray with a tinge of vanilla and her gorgeous unique, natural smell.

She traced her fingertips along my arms and eventually reached my breasts. Giggling, she conversed me into a stimulated frenzy and my body was burning for her. She took me in her arms and lifted me off of the hammock. Her dark tresses tickled my neck, as she lay me down on a warm cotton blanket placed atop the sand. She had set up vanilla candles, of course, and set several of them up around the blanket. She had a few bowls of fruits, mostly strawberries which had a can of whipped cream situated beside it. Before I could say a word to express to her how astounded I was with her romantic gesture, she shushed me with her lips. She pressed her lips with mine as her tongue pushed through mine, circling my mouth. She then pulled away with a strawberry in her hand and her legs straddled my slender waist.

"What do you plan on doing with that?" I asked all giggly, finally able to speak.

She shushed me again and brought the strawberry to my lips. She squeezed some of the sweet juices into my mouth and sucked gently on the strawberry. We shared it for a few moments until she savored it and fetched another from the pile.

"No talking baby... let this be our night, okay?" She whispered discreetly into my ears as her breath tickled my neck. I nodded in agreement and let her work her magic with me. I eased myself and she placed my head on top of the heap of blankets she used for pillows. I smiled, eagerly waiting to see what she was up to next.

She set the strawberry down for a moment as she peeled off my clothes, revealing my exposed skin and she removed them piece by piece. I shuddered only for a moment and my body was relieved because it was tepid spring air plastering against me. She was thoroughly enjoying the sight of me naked before her. She took the strawberry and began squeezing the red juices again. This time she squeezed it as it dropped onto my breasts. She bent down and kneaded my left nipple while pinching my right with her fingers. Instantly I was aroused and I felt my groin tighten and feel moist. She worked my breasts until I was absolutely trembling underneath her. She pulled away from my twin flesh and let me eat the strawberry.

A coy smirk was plastered across her face as she retrieved the can of whipped cream. I smiled excitingly but almost like a jolt piercing in between my legs... I needed her. She squeezed the switch on the can as the white cream made twirl shapes on my skin. She dabbed it on my stomach and... in between my legs which sent another jolt through me. She relaxed her self as she licked the cream off of my stomach. I arched my back for her giving the indication that I needed her inside of me. Without further ado or TORTURE she quickly obliged. She entered her tongue into my moist center and I was instantaneously in my own Valhalla. My beautiful girl licked away the cream that was dripping into my center. My stomach heaved with fluttering and excitement at the same time as she pushed her tongue into me. A tiny moan escaped my lips and I lay my head back but still pinning my eyes against hers.

"Make love to me..." I moaned in an exasperated breath that I could manage.

She licked the rest of the cream off of me as she pushed deeper inside of me. My knees felt like two bowls of jelly as she ran her tongue along my aching clit. My body writhed and squirmed underneath her and quavered. I could not hold my moans back so I let them be unrestrained as she made love to me with her tongue. She explored the walls of my pussy with her tongue, but mostly hitting my g-spot in the process. My breathing was uneasy and I felt my face fluster with redness. She looked up at me and winked and knew she was doing a superb job. I grabbed her head, pushing it harder and more forcefully into me. My fingers twirled her crimson hair as I rocked my hips into her luscious tongue. It felt as if all my organs grew numb inside and everything else inside of me had stopped. She stroked my clit fiercely with my tongue and I did not want it to end.

Just as I thought it could not get better, she pushed a finger deep inside of me. I squirmed and my body strained with so much pleasure. She added a few more fingers and plunged them in and out repeatedly. I could feel a climax emerging and my walls clenched around her fingers and tongue. My liquid sloshed into her face and she seemed to enjoy it. She lapped up as many juices as she could and knew I was satisfied. I breathed hard and rested still after my mind-blowing orgasm from my girlfriend. She smiled in satisfaction and lay beside me. She grabbed one of the blankets and placed it over both of us. She removed her top and bottoms throwing them carelessly to the side. I smiled and lay on her plush breasts as she stroked my back, gently tickling me.

"That was only the beginning my love." She said as calm as the night. We looked up to the sky, the gleaming streaks of sun peeled off of us and the sky was replaced with a dark sky. Stars scattered across the sky and the air was still warm but slightly cooler. She cradled me in her arms and assured me the night would become even more better...

The night was surely memorable and I could never forget our night that seemed to be everlasting. I was happier than I had ever been... but now we were back home and my neck was cramped from all of the work. Cool hands touched mine and took away my pencil and closed my books.

"Since we're not in paradise anymore and you've been working hard all night, lets take a trip to the back porch. I placed a few blankets out there, and it is a pretty normal night. What do ya say baby?" She insinuated and her words relieved me and I could only nod and grab her hand in response as she lead me to the back door.

God, what this girl did to me.

Note: **giggles** oh how I would love for a night like this to happen… hint hint Kerri!