Memories caught on
film to help remember
the days when we
were happy and together.
Pictures taken not
so long ago yet
it feels like it
has been an eternity.
The happiness has
faded and fallen to
sadness and need,
need to feel love again.
Time is fading
the days move so
slowly I feel they
will never end.
I'm beginning to
feel that no one
could ever love me.
Not you, not anyone.
The memories of
those happy times
are fading the more
we argue or ignore
each other or are
simply apart.
Tears stream down
my cheeks as I
look at these pictures
while sitting alone in
my car just thinking.
The pain of
knowing we will
never be that happy
again is unbearable.
Loneliness fills the
emptiness left when
you did. Too much pain.
Life is getting
harder to tolerate
when I am alone
with only memories
to comfort me, with
dreams to taunt me,
and pain to fuel me.
Memories of the
happy times we
shared slowly slipping
away with every
moment I am without you.
I can not bare
this much longer.
I need you.