When I am
When I am dreaming
Your face floats to me on gentle winds
Your hair swirls around me rich and dark
Tiny shining stars trapped within
Fall to sparkle in your gentle eyes
What makes those eyes glow with such wonder
Is it the sight of my face beneath you
What makes your lips curve up in a smile
Shedding light on all that sees and do not see
Could it be this languid breeze or me
Peering longingly into your face
Fingers half raised
Hovering above your smooth skin
If my hand were to touch you
Would you crumble and fade away

When I am dreaming
The world slips away
Leaving me behind
Secure with my thoughts of you
Holding you close
As if distance didn't matter
Breathing in your sweet scent
Like ocean waves and deep forest loam
Rich with the bounty of youth and life
When I am dreaming, Am I ?