Dude, would you mind if I asked
What the hell is wrong with saying ass?
All those censors in the media
Beeping out every other word
Do they think they stop us from cussing?
It's just a fucking part of growing up
I don't see the whole problem with it
What about the little kids? You say
Like they won't eventually say the words
Doubt their parents haven't swore
Let a few words slip over the dinner table
Then hurriedly told them never to repeat it
They just don't want us to turn out like them
Just let loose, you know you want to
If everyone said those words, they wouldn't be such a big deal
No different then kitchen, schnitzel, or pottery wheel
I'm no preacher, I'm just a bit fed up
With being told to watch my language
But hey that's cool, if you want to over react
I know who I am, I don't have to conform
Chain myself against freedom of expression
A word is a word and if I feel like saying it
When it comes to mind and the time is right
There's nothing to stop me!
You'd all better hope I don't end up working in the media.