With A Kiss
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Peter Farrell had made it to Hollywood
And started to wonder if he could
Ever be able to find an acting job inside
Any movie studio without wanting to hide
Him from the rest of his new neighborhood.

Just then,one day,Peter's gone to the office
Of director John Frankenheimer,who was nice
Enough to audition him for a role in his
Sequel to Reindeer Ganes,which could be this
Year's newest motion picture--twice.

Then suddenly,Peter had bumped into the first
Film's star Charlize Theron and felt worst
Than any cad on the very planet Earth.

But after she noticed that he was worth
Every kindness in the world,she was first
To introduce herself and allowed him to kiss
Her ever so passionately on the lips.

And that was how their romance happened,
As it always starts between men and women--
And like always,it began with a kiss.