She dreams, with her eyes closed and her heart open.

She is a little girl, sitting on the swings. She does not move on them, only sits there like a forlorn cast off of someone. Her face is down and there are tearstains down her cheeks. She does not make any sounds as she cries. A little boy comes to her, standing in front of her with large, dark sad eyes. He touches her hand and she looks up at him, her lip trembling. He smiles and nods, and gives her a small flower. She takes it and nods back at him, a mournful smile on her face. He sits down on the swing next to her and they start to play.

A few years later, she goes to junior high for the first time. She is scared, and her mother leaves her almost immediatly at the front of the school. She has already cried her tears, not wanting any of the students to see them. She makes her blind way to her classroom, and sits down where teacher tells her too. There is a tap on her shoulder and she turns around. There is the little boy from the swings, now not so little. He smiles at her and sits down next to her. She smiles back, and decides that school isn't so bad after all.

Her first high school dance. She had dolled herself up and looked just as good as the popular girls, but no one was dancing with her. She sat down by the stage, watching the happy couples, wishing with all her heart that someone would look at her like the boys did at their pretty girls. Someone touched her hand, and she looked up at them. There he stood in his black shirt and jeans, his dark eyes that smiled when his mouth didn't. She stood and let him take her in his arms, dancing her night away with him.

A few years later she stood on the podium for graduation, waiting for that small piece of paper that said she had lived through it and gotten out with her heart and soul intact. She looked around for her mother, but her mother wasn't there. She walked off the podium, her head down and her heart weeping. She bumped into someone and looked at them. It was her friend. He grinned and pulled her into a hug, then gave her a rose. She smiled up at him and did something she never thought she would be able to do with her broken heart. She kissed him, and when she pulled away, she told him she loved him. He nodded and his eyes said what his mouth would not. He took her hand and they walked away from it together.

She dreams again, her heart open to the man next to her, wrapped in his arms. His hand twitches in his sleep, and she takes it and raises it to her lips, kissing it gently. He opens his eyes, smiling at her and brushing a delicate fingered hand through her hair.

" I love you." He said.

She smiled and nodded, hugging him against her. She told him with her body what her mouth could not.