The Rain Storm
Outside the rain falls
Hitting steadily against my window
Its rhythms seem to sooth
If only it weren't too late
My own tears begin to fall
The constant drip echoes out
Patterns can be seen on my cheeks
The same if I look out the window
Thunder rolls harshly outside
Each clap causes my body to shake
Though its sounds are still distant
Electricity seems to flow through me
Another downpour is forecast
For so many, it is expected
However, I may never again see
Not lay witness to this beauty
Never hear its gentle sounds
The rain does fall so calmly
But now as I chose to do
I open my window and allow all in
For the rain begins to fall around me
Mixing with the fresh-drawn blood
Crimson red runs so gracefully
Slowly, the two create a puddle on the floor
I knew I never liked the rain