Dedicated to my friend. =) You know who you are. heh..

Violence on her ex

I see the slime ball in the afternoon heat
And felt sad to see him on his own two feet
I feel my friend beside me wince
And then act as if she hadn't seen a thing
I glance and what I saw was ugly
The moron had got himself another 'honey'
I roll my eyes, what the hell
He wasn't even half a bombshell
What voodoo trick did he perform
That got him a new date for the prom?
And here's my friend all prim and proper
Mature, gentle and much more smarter
Sometimes life just isn't fair
The rules of nature are beyond repair
Some lame excuse he gave yesterday
Of how they had to part the "noble" way
Oh well, what my gentle friend won't do I would
And so glad I see him board the same bus as I took
He walked past in that confident swagger
I pushed my leg out and made him stagger
By now the bus was going 8 km an hour
With city buses safety was never forever
With the tires screeching down the street
He fell on his head which really felt sweet
And then he slides on his forehead down the alley
As the bus swerves round a corner sharply
I grinned as his head disappeared under a bench
And his perfect hair picked up lots of leftover gum and stench
He tried to get up without any heed
Bang! Went the connection between his skull and the seat
Now all the passengers were looking at me
I smile right back and say, " oops, Excuse me."