A shimmering mist envelops you,

Your eyes widen at its simple beauty

Whiteness swirls around you,


It glistens with dewdrops

And smells of nature

A natural part

Of this place called Earth

You walk through the park

And through the mist

You see

The branches blowing violently

In the wind and rain

Struggling to survive the weather

Rain gushes down on you

And you lower your head

Submitting to its power and beauty

The water is cold

And shines,

The rain is really

A lot of delicate water droplets

The wind howls around you

Whistles through the trees

Hissing at you

You are intruding on nature

Says the wind

In its own way

By snatching at your coat

Blowing at your face

And tugging at your bag

Suddenly it stops!

The sun comes out

A candle to guide you home

It's gentle heat

And loving smile

Warm you on your journey,

Giving you strength

You stand upon your doorstep

Hear the children laughing

Will they remember you?

You think

The war lasted a while

The door, it opens

The woman stands still,

Then smiles, holding out open arms

The children run

Down the hall

Who is it, mum?

They shout and call

Then they catch a glimpse of him

Their eyes become overcast

And they whisper


Before running into

You're outstretched arms

Behind you

The sun it sighs, content

You are home

And it thinks

I've done my best

Then it smiles

And lets the rainbow do

The rest

The rainbow comes out

In glittering splendour

Its beauty so natural and pure

A glittering piece of art

A multi coloured spectacle