Fiery teardrop, speak to me as you once did
So long ago.
When the rain poured and the thunder
Clapped, and you
Kept me warm at night.
Where were you on the
Eve of my death? I couldn't find you,
Buried under toys and journals,
I suppose. Ripping yourself apart
To show me yourself in the dark
Oh, how I wished I had seen you
That night.
How I wished I had seen you.
But there are times I don't
And that's when you are not my friend
Burning me at touch
Your tongue is much too subtle to take
Hold of and stop
This catastrophe from occurring.
Burn me, burn me at the stake
For the sins I have not yet committed
Save yourself the trouble of getting to
Know me, and just burn me.
Fiery teardrop, speak to me as you
Once did, so long ago.
Whisper kisses and sweet lullabies
And coo me to sleep
Before I pass out on the couch
From relief
Of your burning words.