Golden seraph, lift me up, I beg you.
Carry me to heaven with your silver wings,
And save me from the delusion of all things,
Show me something other than my dreams is true.

I who have never believed in you now implore,
For otherworldly grace; and a different life than before.
There is nothing for me here, so I beg to leave,
Yet I am lost, for I know not in what afterlife to believe.

So please, now I turn to you, take me away,
Help me reach the skies, the pearly gates.
I want to change my stars, so hold me up so I don't sway,
And fall into the dark chasm, where my fate awaits.

Embrace me with the softness of your feather wings,
Breathe into my soul with your golden lips,
Make me disappear within your swirling eyes,
Hear, for the first time in eternity, this atheist's prayer.

~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Well, I said I wouldn't write anymore but this was unfinished and I
just forced the last stanza to write itself and there you go. I was very
keen on the 'atheist's prayer' thing 'cause I prayed to God for the first
time in my life a few weeks ago and it was quite shocking..but I was
desperate. No offense on religious views or anything.