AN: Yes, I know. This is a very controversial topic and it took a lot of courage to put this thing up here. I have no doubt that I will receive some flames. You know what? BRING IT ON.

You're standing in a dimly lit room with flowers and streamers as the d├ęcor. A judge patiently waits for the ceremony to begin. Music is being played softly in the background; the Wedding March. The groom raises his eyes nervously to meet the lone figure that walks slowly down the aisle. Finally reaching the altar, the groom straightens his love's tie and proceeds without the lifting of a veil. The two beaming men turn to the judge, hands held, ready to say their vows. This dream is just starting to come true for some hopeful people. Homosexual weddings are in the process of becoming legal, although taking a bit of time. Doesn't every couple who is in love and wishes to spend their lives with each other deserve to be married? Adopting children, another joy and right every couple should have is also a struggle with gay couples. Jobs to support themselves and loved ones are difficult to find if you are open to your homosexual tendencies. Denying homosexuals rights that every heterosexual couple has is unconstitutional and unfair.
Marriage is in most couple's eyes, a way to pursue happiness just like the constitution says everyone has a right to that. Yet, gay couples are not allowed to pursue this. It is argued that it is wrong to let homosexual marriages commence because of religious controversy. I'd like to point out that there is a thing called "Separation of Church and State," And if one more person quotes from the Bible and tells everyone that that gays are in need of "saving." Uh, hello? Most of the time in these relationships they do not believe in God or any form of religion. Besides, if they want to be saved I'm sure they are physically able to go up to a preacher and be "guided" back to the light. My motto, "You leave them alone, they'll leave you alone"
Adopting children helps out the future world today by providing loving and caring homes for them to grow up in. Most people tend to thing that when a child is brought into the home of homosexuals, they too will carry out in the same way. However, this is utterly false and quite the opposite. Homosexuals were found to be more likely brought up in a heterosexual home with a mother and father, then a home where both parents were the same sex. In many cases, a well off gay couple living in a nice neighborhood that will be able to provide for the child will get turned down. Instead, some rednecks living in their 10-year-old trailer with Cousin Billy-Bob-Joe will get the kid and have a ball teaching him how to spit farther then he can walk. I'm not saying all cases are like that, just giving a humorous example. My point is that this is an extreme disadvantage in these situations.
It is difficult for many people in the world today to find jobs that provide according to their needs, but it is even harder for people who are attracted to the same sex. It can be argued that on applications it says the company does not discriminate on race, sexuality, sex and other issues pertaining to receiving the job fairly. However, it may say that on paper, but that doesn't mean they won't reject them for being that sexuality. How do you know they aren't thinking "He's gay, no way" while they smile and nod at you with falsehoods behind their teeth? They may think of an inaccurate, false, or twisted reason to excuse that person from the job, when the real reason is because they were gay. Most people would say to just hide the face you are gay, but denying what you are lying openly to the public. Besides, you shouldn't have to deny yourself and instead be proud.
Marriage, children, jobs; all these things everyone should have a right to have according to the constitution. Yet, not everyone does in this current time in the United States. In a nation that is supposed to be equal, we are not. Rights of homosexuals are not stable yet although in the process. Gays, lesbians, and transsexuals all should have the right to be equal in any sense to everyone else living in this "free" country. Maybe our wonderful, brilliant, charismatic President can think of solution. Or maybe we are better off asking a pig.

*Some information based on "Gay is Okay" essay by Namir Swiftpaw