Some Spirital Descent
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Tuesday,March the 2nd,when a student
Of Cleveland State University named Ryan Layton had just rent
An old and large mansion for him to have his
Masquerade party.But he actually had no idea that his
Party was about to be crashed by some spirital descent.

After everything has already been set up for the bash,
Ryan had gave his best friend,Simon McComb some cash
And asked him to go into town and buy some
Records.But suddenly,a strange mysterious voice had said,"Come!"
He followed the voice,only to drop with a crash.

Sometime later,after the party guests had arrived,Ryan had
Started to get worried,for it became an old pad
Without any music and any sign of his buddy,Simon.
At that moment,Ryan's teacher,Lawrence Bundgaard goes after Simon
And see why he hasn't returned to the party pad.

But then,after he had left the party room and
Gone to look for Simon,he suddenly heard some band
Music coming from one of the large mansion's many bedrooms,
Never realizing that it was leading him to certain doom.
After he had entered the room,Lawrence saw that band.

It was a heavy metal band known as Devil Slayer
And it's lead singer was a woman named Donna Loader,
Who was Lawrence's former lover back in his high school
Days,when they had thought that they were way cool.
Just then,Lawrence had walked over to his former lover.

But just as he was about to place his hand
On her cheek,a glowing orb appeared around the band
And began to glow so brightly that Lawrence was unable
To see everything else in the room--including a table.
Still,Lawrence was able to walk towards the glowing band.

But then,after the glowing orb had disappeared,a shocked
Lawrence had fallen straight to a sharp pile of rocks
And was instantly killed.Moments later,Peter had really became
Concerned and left the party room,before calling the names
Of both Simon and Lawrence.Then,Peter became really shocked.

He was shocked to discover that a glowing orb had
Appeared before him and transformed into the one he had
Once fallen in love with during his high school senior
Year--a beautiful young woman named Traci Lynn Strenior.
And then,he wondered why was she in the pad.

Then suddenly,with a single tear running down her cheek,
Traci told Peter that she came to the house weeks
Before he was having his party and became trapped inside
It's evil structure with not a single place to hide
In from the ones that dare attack one so weak.

Then,when he asked Traci what he should do for
Her,she said that Peter must go to the core
Of the demon house and use a jeweled sword to
Destroy the evil before it turns his party guests into
Phantoms who would serve the house with the demon core.

And so,after he had taken the jeweled sword out
Of it's glass case and let out a mighty shout,
Peter had raced down to the celler and towards his
Target--the dreaded demon core of the house where his
Party's taking place.As for a soul,it was without.

And then,with one swift strike,he was able to
Use the jeweled sword to destroy the demon core and do
Process of releasing the imprisoned souls from their wrongful entombment.
After that,Peter had realized what true love really ment,
For Traci gave him one last kiss and proceeded to
Join the other newly released souls that had journeyed to
A new world of true everlasting peace.