Sage Anderson was 18 years old and about to start college. She lived at home with her mother, step father and step brother Luke who was three years older then her, Luke and Sage were really good friends. She hated high school, more then anyone else she knew. She hoped college would be better. Everyday in high school she was always picked on mostly by Max Stevens.

Max Stevens was 19 and about to start the same college as Sage. He was going to live on campus and finally leave home. He's an only child and his parents were still together. He was one of the most popular kids at high school and in town.

Sage and Max hate each other more then anyone could say. They were two very different people and had known each other since before they could walk. As little kids they use to play together but as they grew up, they drifted apart and Max did what everyone else did, pick on the different girl, Sage, but he was worse then anyone else.

When they found out they were going to the same college they didn't take it to well. Pennsylvania University was Sage's first choice to stay close to home, PU was Max's first choice because that's where the rest of his family went and wanted to continue a tradition.

" Where you headed?" Luke asked as he watched Sage walk down the stairs and into the living room where he was sitting on the sofa.

" Marcie is dragging me out with her." Sage said as she gabbed her jacket. Marcie was Sage's best friend for the last two years. Marcie and Sage were nothing alike. Marcie was a cheerleader, beautiful girl blue eyes and sandy red hair and one of the most popular girls in high school. They became friends because when Marcie was new in town Sage helped her out and she's grateful and they turned out to have a lot in common.

" What's with the new look?" Luke asked as he looked over Sage's low rider jeans and blue tank top with her stomach out. Sage was the girl that in 90 degree whether covered her body for head to toe. Now that she's starting college a new life, she wanted to go for something new and Marcie had a lot to do with it, she's the type that in below 2 degree whether wore as little clothes as possible.

" I'm trying something new. You think I'm crazy?" Sage asked as she looked at Luke with her deep green eyes. She didn't like the way she was before but she isn't sure this is good either.

" You're not crazy. The look works on you, do whatever you want."

" You're always a great help. I'll see you later." Sage said before she left the house. She walked to Marcie's place, not far from hers. On the way she took in the beautiful whether, the clean green grass, tall full leaved trees, the hot beaming sun but not the kind of hot you want to die.

" Alright let's go." Marcie said as she closed her front door behind her.

" Where are we going?" Sage asked as they got into Marcie's car. Her parents bought her blue coverable for her 17th birthday.

" We need to go shopping. Starting college means needing new things." Marcie said with a huge grin as they drove down the street.

" Everything for you means new things. But as long as you're paying I'm game." Sage said as she looked at the passing houses and playing children.

The rest of the drive was pretty quite. Sage wasn't much of a talker unless you pissed her off.

Marcie drove to the local mall and she wasn't the only one with the same plans.

Max and his best friend Jack as well as Marcie's boy friend decided to hang out at the mall. Marcie and Jack had been dating for almost a year now and Max and Sage hated it because that meant they had to see each other if they wanted to hang out with their best friends.

" Whoa check out the ass on her." Max said as he nudged Jack so he could look. " I guess Marcie has a new friend, she needed one Sage is too much of a bitch."

" I am not going to let you live this down anytime soon. That is Sage." Jack pointed out as he tried not to laugh at his friend. When he saw Marcie last night he also saw Sage's new look.

" Get the fuck out of here. You serious?" Max asked as he looked the girl with her back facing him again.

" Yup." Jack said as he started to laugh.

" Now I have to go burn my eyes out." Max said as he ran his hand through his black short hair.

Marcie heard her boyfriends voice and turned around. " Come on." She said as she pulled Sage along with her as they walked toward Jack and Max.

" My day is complete now." Sage sighed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

" What's so funny?" Marcie asked Jack after she kissed him on the lips.

" Come here." Jack said as he pulled her closer and whispered everything in her ear.

" You serious?! That's is freaking funny." Marcie said as she looked at Jack then Max.

" Shut up." Was all Max said, he knew Jack told her what just happened. The last thing that could've happen was for Sage to find out.

" I won't say anything." Marcie said with a smile indicating she was lying. But she wouldn't say anything, for now.

" Can we go now? My skin is burning for standing in the same room as him." Sage said as she gave Max a dirty look.

" Yeah well I don't wanna be next to your ass either." Max snapped back as he looked into her eyes with his dark brown eyes. Looking at each other made their skin itch, blood boil.

" Oh fuck off Stevens."

" You're a cold bitch, you know that?"

" Oh why thank you." Sage said with a fake smile and bated her eyelashes.

" Play nice. You guys seriously need to stop this, there has to be away for you guys to get along and be friends." Marcie said as she looked at Max then Sage.

" The day I get along with him is the day I know I'm dead." Sage said as she bawled her fists. Max just pissed her off so much she could barley think.

" Don't worry sweetie I don't want to be your friend either." Max said.

" Don't call me sweetie." Sage said as she stepped a little closer to him.

" Ok that's it, we're leaving. See you guys later." Marcie said as she and Sage walked away.