Unlikely Passion chapter 27

A week later

Sage joined her mother in the kitchen; she had gotten back a few days ago. Sage was still trying to explain everything to her. She sat down at the table and just looked down at her hands.

The silence began to over lap before Miranda decided to talk. "It was a nice funeral."

Sage nodded. "It was." She softly agreed.

Miranda hated seeing her daughter in so much pain. She had hoped since this big mess was over now Sage would be ok but she looked far from it. "Do you want to talk about it?" Miranda asked.

"There really isn't much to say. Let's talk about you, how was the wedding?" Sage asked with the best smile she could. She didn't feel up to much anymore, the last week had been so hard.

"It was wonderful, one of the best I had ever been to." Miranda said as she grabbed Sage's hand. "You use to do this as a child when you didn't want me to worry. You would ask all these questions to side track me."

"It never worked for too long" Sage remembered as she tried not to cry but it was becoming so hard.

"You don't need to worry about me, I'm fine. You're the one you need to focus on." Miranda explained.

"I'm fine mom and everything is working out right?" Sage said as she stood from her chair in the kitchen. "There's something I need to do. I'll be back in time so we can have dinner." She explained before leaving out the back door.

Sage drove to the cemetery that was now empty, no one left to mourn the dead. She stopped in front of the fresh dirt and looked down. "You had a nice funeral, a lot of people. I came because I wanted to make sure you were dead. I hope you're in hell Marcie." She softly said with her words laced with pure hate. She dried her eyes and let out a long breath.

"Don't think I'm crying for sadness Marcie, I'm crying because I'm so mad. You got off to easy, death was too simple. I wanted you to pay, live in the hell of prison like I did you bitch. You died in my arms, my last words were wishing you to hell I hope that wish came true because I'm still hurting because of you. But this is it, I came here to let go and move on because you're gone and I'm not." She turned on her heel and left only to walk into Jack a few steps down.

Sage looked at him and without a word kept walking.

"Sage wait." Jack called out as he jogged to catch up with her. "Look I know you have every reason to hate me but I didn't know the truth either." He tried to explain.

Sage stopped and faced him. "You knew I wasn't a killer, which was truth enough. You helped put me away for life and then I got out and you still treated me like dirt, like I was guilty and the whole time you knew your bitch of a wife set me up. Just stay the hell away from me because for all I care you can be in that grave with her." She continued to walk away after that.

Sage got into her car with a small sense of relief, the first steps in letting go of the past. But there was still more to be done before she could be happy. She drove away from the cemetery and past her house.

When she reached her destination, she parked and waited. For this she was very nervous and feared the outcome. She left the car and with deep breaths headed up the walk away.

"Hi." Luke simply said when he saw her standing on the other side of his door. He didn't really know what else to say, it had been a week since they last talked.

"Can I come in?" Sage asked.

Without a word he let her in and waited until she did the talking. He thought he wouldn't see her again anytime soon. Now that the case was solved, Marcie was dead; he thought Sage would stay away. He feared they were just together during that time and now that it was over, so were they. He still feared it.

"I know things have been----confusing lately, that's why I'm here." Sage started as she kept her eyes to the ground. "I expected to see you some point during this since it was your case." she said instead of what she wanted to.

"Since I wasn't working it officially, Captain gave it to another detective to finish up. For breaking rules I got a two week suspension and since it could've been worse I'm glad. And it's given me time to catch up around here." Luke explained as he kept his eyes on her, waiting for her to say what she was planning on.

"Well that's good that it all worked out." Sage uncomfortably said as she kept shifting her weight.

"You went to Marcie's funeral?" Luke asked once he realized she was dressed in a black dress.

"Yeah I went with my mom, she said it might help to go and let go of everything Marcie did." Sage explained.

"Did it help you let go?" Luke asked, trying not to sound too eager for the answer.

"Um---sort of." Sage answered as she finally looked up to meet his blue eyes. "I'm still mad about the fact it all happened but I'm grateful I'm still here and have a chance to make something of myself." She explained.

"Whatever you decide to do, it'll work out if you make it." Luke said.

They were both silent after that, looking at each other. "I also decided something else." She finally had enough guts to confess her emotions, something she always hated doing.

"What is it?"

"When I heard the gun go off and saw you and that second I didn't know where the bullet went…I was scared to lose you. It was that moment I realized I need you in my life and I always will." Sage explained as she felt the relief of getting this out of her system.

"What does that mean?" Luke asked he didn't want to guess what came next; he wanted her to tell him.

"It means I forgive you for everything that happened. It means I don't blame or hate you for the past. It means I want us to have a chance and try to be something." Sage explained as she kept looking at him, she never wanted to stop.

Luke closed the space between them and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Then we will try and as long as you want me, you're stuck with me because I love you Sage. I always have." He kissed her on the forehead down to a light kiss on her lips.

Sage touched his lips wit her fingertips and looked into his eyes. "I love you too."


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