It's so cold

My sweet darling, I mourn for you

My dear love

Your spirit still lingers here

I long for your touch

I long for your hold

Oh my sweet

If only we may meet again

May I touch your face

And place your hand,

Upon where my love resides

If only I may touch your cheeks once more

My sight grows bleak

By my tears

'Tis woe I feel

And my fear

Has become true

To lose you

My love

My sweet

My dear

My darling

If you were to hold me once more

I will smile once again

Life is dull

And the days grow long

If only my longing

Were to become true

Would there be such joy

My love, please wait

For I am coming soon…

AN: Angst…Lust…Depressing…I LOVE IT ALL!