"Dreams Are Touchstones"
Shadows fall on blackened hearts that recall the days of,
Lamenting in Church,
We call upon our will to stand tall through this bloody,

All that remains from this bravery of all our brethren,
Is the chance to brag about how well we did and then,
Forget about the laws,
Ill-tempered fate is all,
We make certain.

Grading all the tops of all the planes,
Scaling buildings built on the hearts of others.
Paying no mind to all the sutured ties,
Spiraling toward untimely, bloody, repercussive demise,
Laying face flat on top of all your brothers.

United we stand,
With all our unity found within diversity.
And in the end this is for what?
We don't care about any other city,
All we care about is what we got.

Your head is a souvenir,
Taken from your shoulders and placed high above for years,
We can't even see it from here.
But that isn't what matters because,
We're pretty sure your heart and hand will help our cause.

And when all the dust has settled from the buildings,
We will realize what we've done,
And raise our own guns,
To the face that's most recognizable to us…
Our own.

Our own…
Raise the gun to our own,
Heads and hearts and lovely faces…
Identical places,
Same as the last but with no reason we will blast,
All the places that share this,

I just hope you don't share this formation,
Because we feel its in our best interest,
And because we feel mightier than the rest,
We will trample all similar nations.

And this time I won't be lost in translation.