Suzie was a brave child,
She always held her own,
She never once gave up on life,
Despite her broken home.

Momma used to drink all day,
And Daddy, he had left,
Little Suzie couldn't cry,
She cut herself instead.

Her brother didn't notice,
He led his life in chains,
But Suzie needed freedom,
Instead of cracked remains.

Suzie hated eating,
She liked the knife much more,
She told me it released her pain,
Right down to her core.

Suzie, she met Jesus,
And she found a way to smile,
She told me her sad story,
She was smiling all the while.

But Suzie, she lost Jesus,
And although he still was there,
She couldn't feel his love inside,
And she was in despair.

Now she is much better,
Though she still fights many things,
For Suzie finally found herself,
And learned to spread her wings.