Do you ever notice?
How on msn,
All you have to do, is say you're happy,
And people believe it.
Do you ever notice?
How all you have to do,
Is click ': )',
And people see a smiley face,
And believe you are fine.
Don't you hate the way,
People take the smiles seriously,
But your feelings are knocked aside;
Whether they realize it or not.
Don't you hate,
How you can be best friends with your worst enemy on msn,
But not at school.
Of course not.
Don't you hate how humans are so shallow,
They can not see past the letter's and symbols,
Typed by your meaningless fingers.
Just because you write it,
Does not mean it is true.
But they wouldn't know that, would they?
Of course not, because you cover it up,
With ': )' and ': D',
They wouldn't know,
Wouldn't guess,
Because all is fine when the smiley face,
Is typed onto the screen,
It shows your real feelings,
Doesn't it?
Of course it does.
You wouldn't lie,
Would you?
': )' of course not.

By Siobhan
Date: 3/3/2004