Fallen to Shame

Soaring on wings of soft strong silk
With the velvety clouds, dancing around
He sings each day his wicked refrain
Searching for a world of wonders to be found
Discontent flows through the hole in his soul
Coursing his harsh pumping veins
He continues his quest through each dessert dry
The searing heat drowning out all the pain
How the mighty shall fall
As the old prophets said
They will weep they will crumble
Hearts heavy as lead
The memories chase but he flies faster
The wind rushing to match his pace
As long as he's free they will not catch him
No tears shall stain his impure face
His once flaming halo just smouldering ashes
His love and life tattered in shame
He is alone, no one to care for
And no one is there but him to blame
But how long can he flee
From his sin? From His Fate?
What was good is forgotten
Strangled by hate
So the viper weeds grow and tear up his core
They pull and they tug till he can fight no more
And at last the pain crashes down like a wave
Washing on the shore never to be saved
And in a flurry of silk, Orange fire and ash
He is gone, King of fury. Those actions so rash
Damned to his own hell for eternity's years
Imprisoned in a cell, locked up by his fear