Lived it Ten Times Or More
By Dark Lady

Her innocence intrigued him. The way she always daydreams and just takes life so easily fascinated him. She wasn't the sort of girl all the guys went for, nor what you would call pretty on first glance, through the glasses and behind the books, but when you get past that she was by many accounts beautiful. Her hair was silvery blonde and kept in a tidy bun at all times so no one could really even guess its length. Her uniform was baggy so her figure was hidden though it was obvious she wasn't over weight and her eyes were hidden also. Generally she kept herself to herself. Still something about her.drew his attention to her.

It was then he noticed that although she had been in almost all of his classes for the last couple of years, he didn't even know her name, no one else seemed to either and it was never called in registration. It made him wonder if she even existed at all, and so with this in mind he promised himself that he would find out.

At the end of the English lesson he moved towards her. She was still packing up her things at he desk in the corner of the room. He walked right up to her and in one breath spat out anything he could think of.

" are you going to the big disco Friday night?" he asked her, taking a seat on her desk. The small girl stiffened.

Had someone actually spoken to her? There wasn't anyone else. Was there? She looked around the classroom. "Hey? Yeah, you." He chuckled softly.

"" she stammered. ".no.I-I'm not." She glanced up at him quickly before immediately averting her gaze to the floor.

"You have bright green eyes." He commented. "Oh sorry. You should go. It's going to really be something." She looked at him shyly. He had messy dark hair that fell over his eyes and slightly tanned skin, he was well- built and taller than her with blue eyes, one wincing shut every now and then. "What's your name?"

"Saria." Came a quiet reply. After an awkward few seconds of thought he held his hand out to her.

"I'm James. James Noel." He said. Saria ignored his outstretched hand. "So where do you hang at lunch times?"

"Music rooms, art rooms, library." She replied, making for the exit.

"Really, I might see you there." He said.

"I don't think so. you hate all those places." She sighed walking away from him. He ran to catch up with her. She stopped and turned. "I know who you are, I know who the people you hang around with are. I don't know what a "popular" person wants from me, but you're not getting it." With that she started walking away as fast as she could without running. Again he made after her.

"I don't want anything." He protested.

"Don't you take no for an answer?" she snapped.

"Not often." Came the shrugged replied. Saria gritted her teeth and started running.

"Yo Saria! Is there a last name to go with that?!" he called after her.

"Harper." She yelled back.

"Saria Harper." he murmured. "I just knew you were real."

He grinned, she wouldn't be afraid of him for long, because James Noel always got what he wanted. And he had lied when he said he didn't wanted anything, he wanted her. He didn't know why he wanted her, and that scared him a little, but he did, very much so.