Lived it Ten Times Or More
By Dark Lady

Saria sat at home just watching television in her bedroom. Her bedroom was white and almost everything in it was white. She was too annoyed to follow her favourite tv show. What was this guy doing? Who did he think he was?

No one pitied her! She hated pity! How dare he? And as for this party he could forget it. So why did he keep following her?

"Saria hun?" her mother asked. "Have you taken your medication?" Saria just nodded. This was the response Saria's mother was used to. Saria had been a totally normal child until about five years ago. Then everything changed. She had been on anti-depressants for the past three years and had regular sessions with special doctors to keep an eye on her. All this from a girl that five years ago was so happy and popular and so well…happy. There were days when Mrs Harper just needed to cry.

James finished his tennis practice. He was actually really talented, his coach said he had what it took to go all the way. His heart wasn't in it really though. He was more interested in hanging out with his mates and going to parties and of course his favourite hobby…avoiding homework.

"JAY!!!" called a red haired girl by the sidelines. He turned and headed towards her.

"Hey Rach…what you up to?" he asked casually.

"Nothing much! Thought we could go for coffee!" she replied. James shook his head.

"Sorry. I gotta get home. I need to help the old man with the car." He said.

"Well…maybe another day then. Maybe we could even hook up at the party next Friday…" she winked. "If you get what I mean."

"I'll have to think about that." He replied smugly.

"We had fun together didn't we?" she asked.

"That was forever ago Rach." He replied. She looked hurt. How could he resist her? "But yeah we did. So I'll think about I then. And I'll see you around." He winked at her and made for the bus stop.

Author's Notes: Hey this was a short chapter I know but hey. That means they get put up faster. To answer some issues raised. James wanting Saria….likes her or challenge. Well the idea is it's supposed to confuse you for a while and change back and forward throughout the story just wait for the ending! It'll hopefully be good….. Well thanks to all my lovely reviewers and the more reviews I get the more incentive I have to continue. I'm finding it hard to get motivated at the moment. Oh well if you actually read the author's notes thank you! The next chapter reveals a big step forward in James' plan.

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