Crushed, Crushed and alone
my heartache blending with heartbreak
a love for you so strong
yet unrecipricated it hurts even more
then a broken heart carelessly snapped
no this is different
in letting me down gently
you only plunged the kife deeper
drawing pain and yet more
tears from already reddend eyes
crimson from the heartache
and scarlet from the pain.
A flickering flame is sputtering and coughing
in the ruby cage that is my heart
Two whole years I have kept it burning
watching girl after girl reach my love before me
Did I spread rumors, did I resist?
NO I was patient
waiting and
watching and
waiting again
so many chances missed in an instance
Yet here was my chance and I
grabbed at it quickly.
Too quickly
you weren't ready
'Just friends', 'dont want to jeopardise it'
haunting phrases, bloodied words
syllables that cut deeper then the bone
Over and over they play in my head
like some macabre stuck record.
I love you dear friend, dearest of friends.
Honest and truly I do, so it is with a heavy heart
I return to the game of waiting and watching and waiting again.