This one is very angry. I am not normally this violent.

Maybe I was blind
But I didn't see it coming
You trapped me and I couldn't get free
You scarred me
Look at these fucking scars!
But I guess you can't see them
You were blind to the pain you caused me
So blind.
So blind that you could tear me down and not even care
So blind.that you enjoyed it!
So blind that you didn't see me begging
Begging on my hands and knees to make it stop
Begging for release
Begging to die
But I freed myself
Yes.I escaped, but I'm still scarred
They still hurt
They burn, they sting, they make me want to die all over again
They make me want to hunt you down and make you pay for the pain you caused
And it is so fucking hard to move on
I may be free, but I will always be bound