Fences Apart by writerforever

A Holocaust Story


The air is cold as it blows around her. She glances down at her feet. They are wrapped in cloth but the cloth doesn't protect her feet from the cold. Her head is shaved and her clothes are ragged. She stands, along with many other women, straight and tall. She stands in Auschwitz, Birkenu concentration camp. She is all alone. She has no one because everyone she loved is gone. Even her sweet Jacob is gone. He was her one and only true love but now none of that mattered. She can still see his body lying in the pile of dead bodies. She can still hear his voice.

"I love you Rebecca and I'll never stop loving you. I'll never leave you," he had said. He had lied because he had left her all alone in this cruel world. She turns her eyes up to the gray sky and a tear slides down her cheek.

To be continued. . .