Note: A pointless short story I wrote during study hall when I was feeling extremely bored.

Somewhere along the road I've taken
I've tripped and fell
Only to get back up in the end
And oh my god what the hell is the point of this?

Marisa stared at the paper defiantly. It stared back up at her as if to say, write more, can you?
"Yes, I can," she said. Her hand flew to the paper, delicately holding the pen. She sighed. Emptiness.
"Oh, what's the point?" she said. Nothing was the way it should be. There was nothing left to feel, nothing to write about.
Can you?
No, I can't, she thought, because my life is as boring as hell. Nothing. Empty. Blank. Words buzzed around Marisa's head but she couldn't find a connection. Nothing to write about.
The paper glanced back, smiling victoriously. It had won. Marisa was still holding the pen and it had won. Its whisper lingered in the air and trapped her.
Can you?
She could do it. She has done everything. She COULD do everything. She sang, she danced
(she bangs)
performed everything.
She studied, learned and knew the words. But now, she couldn't,
Can you?
NO. She could not accept defeat. She would not give in to the paper's grin. Marisa broke away from the echoes that trapped her. She will not drop blood. She will not give in.
Can you?
Can you?
Can you?
Yes, I can.