By Lissa Howe

I'm flying high above the trees,
Suddenly I start to fall
Now going down toward the trees
Quickly reaching them.
Branches stick in my wings
Causing them to bleed
A branch scratches my face.

I turn to face the sky,
I flap my wings hoping to slow
Before I hit the ground.
I succeed in my hope to slow down
Land in a bush,
I sigh in relief.

Look at my surroundings,
Trees, bushes, birds and a swamp.
I hear something cracking
I look around to see
I see the ground cracking
I'm once more falling.

Beneath me are some tall blue crystals
I pray hard that I don't hit them
But BOOM! I hit one.
Blood drips from my side
As I slide further down the crystal
I lie there alive but dying
Blood has gone down the crystal
Going toward the ground I watch it
Then I cough up blood, then

Edited by Draconic Spirit