Bishounen Blues
by: Plastick Haruka

Disclaimer: Although slightly based on people in real life, all the characters in this story are fictitious. I mean no harm to any Japanese music, seriously. I have used real magazines such as ShoXx, R&R Newsmaker, and PATi PATi; as well as TV programs (Utaban and Hey!Hey!Hey!), and the recording studio, ON AIR Azabu, but these are strictly for the sake of the fic in order to make it more realistic. All these programs, magazines, and recording studio are the property of their respective owners, etc. I get no profit out of this, except my personal growth as a writer, so there's no real point in suing me!

A/N: Just to warn you, this is a yaoi story with slight yuri flavorings, all in the name of fun! Well, actually it's what I call "indirect yaoi"'ll see why, but anyway if you're offended by homosexuality then just don't read. Plain 'n simple. Rated R due to adult situations, sensuality, swearing, and lots of sexual jokes that will be in later chapters. It's about an all-boy visual kei band, what do you expect?? This is my first attempt at writing a yaoi, so enjoy! You'll notice my style is really informal and a little gramatically incorrect - sortof a stream of consciousness technique. I did that for a reason. Gomen for any confusion that might cause, but that's my writing style. And the band names are crappy, I know. But it's an inside joke because the band names are the names of organizations in this online RPG/manga, Reflections of Immortality. The link to the site is on my main author's page.

Constructive criticism is heartily welcomed, but I shall use your flames to keep me warm! Stuphid heater.. .

Extra nottage: BTW, the story takes place in Tokyo thereby making almost all the dialogue in Japanese..I'm not fluent, so just pretend... ;;

Chapter 1
The "Bishounen"

"If I saw you for the first time, I'd so have the hots for you, Yui."

"W-WHAAAA??? What do you mean????" Instead of biting the piece of chocolate Pocky, Hoshikita Yui bit her gum instead, and in excruciating pain. The nineteen-year-old young woman sounded more like a twelve-year-old boy brimming into puberty. Her face was scrunched up in her pissed-off look, all red and hot. But the redness didn't come out of anger. She was...blushing. Her arms protectively wrapped themselves around her chest, or lack thereof. Flatness replaced what should have been curves of feminity.
Yui heard stories about things like this...One day you're the bestest of best friends, hanging out, having fun just like any pair of girls would. It starts out with one girl saying how cute her friend is.

"Kawaaiii nee!!" she would say.

"A-arigato.." her cute friend would say back, redness tinting her cheeks.

But then one day, one friend realizes that she loves her counterpart more than just "as a friend" and kisses her "accidentally" as they try to pick up stray papers that fell to the ground...then everything goes on from there. A small shudder rippled through her body. Yui had the feeling she was in some kind of weird, twisted shoujo anime...or at least a weird and twisted fanfic made by some weird and twisted fangirl...or a really perverted otaku boy.

Komagata Ayame sat there, laughing hysterically into tears as the TV flashed with various commercials that interrupted whatever it was the two were watching. "Nuh-thin....I'm just saying that if I saw you walking in the streets or drinking alone at a bar or something,and I didn't know who you were, then I'd seriously make a move on you - that's all," Ayame sighed, slipping a pink strawberry Pocky through her pink lips. "Don't take it too seriously or anything, Yui-chan, I'm happy being straight. There's nooo way I'm swinging the other way." A small crunch, and a small piece broke off, then more small crunches came from her mouth as she chewed slowly and lady-like.

The blushing girl painfully swallowed up the muck of chocolate Pocky that softened in her throat. "Y-yeah...I know..." Yui's voice didn't sound the least bit convinced. Ayame was as straight as a girl could get. A new boy every week, all of them extremely good-looking and rich. There was even the incident regarding Ayame and a certain thirty-year-old college professor in Yui's bed one fine summer evening when Yui was out doing a small gig. Yep, Ayame-chan was straight alright, but....

you never know...right?

Yui flipped through the channels as she tried to appear unaffected. It didn't work so well, especially since her finger tapped on the remote so fast the screen remained a white blur of nothingness. It was just an odd way to start a conversation - "If I saw you for the first time, I'd so have the hots for you..." How can you expect to have a normal conversation when you start it out like that? And why would Ayame randomly say something like that after years of friendship?

Ayame glanced at Yui's "indifferent" face, then at the TV with its fifty channels per second. She sighed, knowing she said something stupid, "You just look so much like a guy...well, a very feminine guy, but a hot feminine's kinda scary. You can pass for a bishounen so easily."

The channel flipping stopped.


A beautiful girl appeared on the screen dressed in a crimson silk kimono adorned with embroidered lotus flowers. The geisha strutted around on the screen with cherry blossom petals swirling around her in a gentle breeze, making her long, perfect black hair shine as it waved in the wind, framing her perfect, pale round face with perfect brown almond-shaped eyes, and perfect dark red lips. Attatched to that face was a perfect petite body, gracefully dancing amist the floating pink petals. The screen zoomed in on the lips, protruding seductively on the screen.

And there she sat, staring at her own reflection in the mirror that conveniently hung next to the TV. A split-screen: Yui with her cheek-length black hair. Shaggy and layered. Forgot to brush, late for class this morning. Economics. Thin face. Slightly tanned. Honey brown. Prominent cheekbones. Full lips. Smile into dimples. Small silver sparkle. Lip ring. Dark eyes. Slanted. Very slanted. They were a man's eyes. The eyes of her dad, of Takumi and Hideki, her onii-chans. A baggy black shirt with bold red letters.

DIR en GREY: TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE More Deep. Quake.

All of this next to the Japanese porcelain doll in her silk kimono that smiled from inside the screen. A smile saying, "You can never look like me." Comparing, envying...Hoshikita Yui, the androgynous entity. Beautiful in both sexes, but could never fully claim one as her own...