I fell for you,
And hard, it seems.
You broke my stitching,
From the seams.
And all the while,
My mind dreams.
My heart and soul,
Will wail and scream.

I'll fall for you again,
Now that I'm broken.
From the deep slumber,
I'm abruptly woken.
Take from me now,
My hearts token.
Reminders of the wish,
That we'd never spoken.

Atop this building,
Away from you all,
The sights, the sounds,
Seem muffled and stalled.
Gentle breeze catches,
Awaiting my fall,
Encouraging my mind,
So deeply enthralled.

I wonder if the see me,
Contemplating life.
If he'll care as he hurries,
Home to his wife.
Would you care if you knew?
Would I be in strife?
I'm pathetic and weak,
Long past the knife.

Slowly I step up,
Forwards I'm leaning.
So empty, so alive,
Tumbling, careening,
Ending the life,
That had no meaning.
All that I had,
Was youthful dreaming.

I'm falling for you again,
Because of you I'm broken.
From this slumber,
I'll never be woken.
Maybe you cared,
Just thought I was jokin',
If only you could see me,
Lying bruised and broken.