I'd like to dedicate this to someone who made me feel this way. Thank you for opening up my eyes.

I want to know why stars don't actually fall. Why, flowers smell so fresh in the crisp morning air, but become dull in the afternoons. Why, something always ruins a good thing.

Why is it that when we fall, we get back up again? Why try, when you've already tried before?

Why bother?

Is it always the people who perservere, who get the results? Are there people out there who succeed without trying? Why are there so many questions? Why do they need to be answered?

Why are there so many people who don't love themselves? Why are there so many people who refuse to love anyone else?

Why do people hate each other?

Why is everyone so afraid? Why isn't anyone ambitious? Why are people afraid to try new things? Why is it that people try so hard to feel good, they forget the people around them?

Although you didn't teach me much, you taught me a few things.
You taught me, there's no one in this world who cares. No one cares who you really are, only what you look like. That the world is driven on the things which aren't important.
You taught me never to try and love again.
You taught me hope doesn't exist, that any thread of hope you had in your mind would be crushed in the most painful way possible.

And I'll continue to believe these things, until someone can prove you wrong.

Sometimes, I wish I could hope that someone could prove you wrong.

But I've fallen. Why should I get up again? Why should I get up when I've already tried before?

Why should I bother?