The tears that I cry,
Are for real,
They are not for attention,
They are what I really feel.

But you all just ignore,
*laughs* I feel so loved,
I don't know what to do,
I'm even ignored by up above.

The tears I cry create a river,
By which I'm washed away,
But that doesn't really bother me,
Since I never wanted to stay.

I give out all the signs,
Poetry, jokes, advice,
But even then you all seem to,
Turn a blank blind eye.

Or maybe you just don't want to see,
What really does go on,
That I can hold a knife to my skin,
And see where blood comes from.

Or maybe it is,
That you just don't care,
But I don't really blame you,
For I feel I'm never really there.

I'm just a cocoon,
I made it that way,
It makes it easier,
To forget the pain.

But why can't you see,
What I'm going through,
Maybe I don't need help,
Maybe I just need you.

A simple hug, or a few small words,
So I know you truly heed,
But don't waste your time with me,
Even though it's what I need.

I'm sorry to have bothered you all,
But my tears cry by them selves,
If only I could tell the truth,
I could get away from this hell.

But don't worry about me,
I can get along just fine,
I've copped like this since I could reminisce,
I'll just carry on with lies.

I'll let the tears fall once again,
And breakdowns plunge upon me,
My friends and my loves you may continue to ignore,
My ever so growing plea.

I'm OK, just let me be,
Although I am drowning,
In my own tears,
I laugh now,
Because it will be the death of me.

By Siobhan
Date: 4/March/2004