Let Me be your

will I leave you lonely,
cold-shoulder you,
reject or despise.
I will come
to lay My head on your wounded lap,
I will come to you
to lay My heart at your feet.
To you I will come,
My broken-hearted,
To you, My sullied angel:
Not yours the fault, beloved,
and none the less My love –
faithful, undivided,
not deterred by the blackest stain.
I am
the Balm for the bruised,
the Restorer of the fallen.
No need
for you to be glued together
painfully, piece by piece,
chipped and stained and marred.
I will make you,
you will rise from the waters,
your yearning,
My angel, shall not go unheeded.
I am
the One who creates
all out of nothing,
I am
the One who restores to you

Jan. 30, 2004

The background of both the story and the poem is the Unicorn mythology: In medieval legend a unicorn was supposed to come only to a pure woman and lay its head in her lap.